Our Tips for Finding the Best Fitting School Shoes With Ease

Parents want the best for their children, providing them with things that make them comfortable and happy. Since children spend most of their weekdays in the classroom and playground, they need kids' school shoes that fit right. The kids' school shoes can impact their performance, so parents must ensure they have the best ones.

The question is if parents know what features to look out for when shopping for kids' school shoes that fit right.

That's where Everflex can help. The brand has provided the leading kids' school shoes for years and knows them like the back of its hand. We're putting together a list of tips to make shopping more accessible and convenient, including the best time to shop, the features they need, and everything else that makes shopping for academic footwear easy. Everflex kids' school shoes are the right fit for your child, and you'll understand why once you've read the tips. Let's start! 


Tip 1—Shop in the afternoon.


While it's understandable that parents want to get the task done and over with early in the day, you must shop for kids' school shoes in the afternoon. By this time, your child's feet are at their maximum size, swollen from typical activities like standing, walking, and playing. Take your child with you to try the kids' school shoes while their feet are enlarged to account for the growth. The child should walk around and give honest feedback on how the footwear fits. 

And since we know children can get irritated quickly, especially since long queues and a crowd can overwhelm them, avoid shopping on weekends. Find a suitable weekday afternoon to take your child shopping for kids' school shoes. 


Tip 2—Find the correct shoe size.


More often, finding the best-fitting kids' school shoes has more to do with finding the right size. It would help to use kids' school shoes that are not too big or small. How do you get your child's correct measurements? 

First, you can let professionals do the job. A podiatrist or trained store staff can take the measurements for you and even recommend the best kids' school shoes for your child's foot type. But if you're the one doing it, here are some things to remember:

  • Measure the length and width of each foot separately.
  • Bring the socks they'll wear with the kids' school shoes so that you can account for the socks' thickness when they try the footwear on. You can always purchase the Everflex socks if you forgot to bring them.
  • Knowing the specific Everflex shoe size is vital because shoe brands vary. A handy size guide helps convert from their US, UK, or EU size.


Tip 3—Know the essential features by heart.


You must check that the kids' school shoes have features that provide the right fit. These things ensure your child can get through the day without strain and discomfort. Please remember that your child's feet continuously develop until puberty, so a wrong fit can affect the growth and cause blisters or long-term foot issues. Here are the features: 

  • Spacious toe room. Choose kids' school shoes with enough toe room for their toes to wiggle. Most of the options at Everflex have round toes, giving enough space for their toes to spread naturally, which is good for their balance and stability.
  • Room for growth. It's ideal to leave a 1cm gap between the tips of their longest toe and the kids' school shoes. With your child's continuous development, it's common for them to experience growth spurts. Check for the space every 4–8 weeks, and replace the kids' school shoes when you notice the gap is gone.
  • Adjustability via fastenings. Your child must have control over the fit of their kids' school shoes because what makes them comfortable changes throughout the day. For instance, it's okay if the fit is tight early in the day, but they might prefer a looser fit once their feet swell in the afternoon. Apart from ensuring your child is comfortable, fastenings also secure the kids' school shoes so that they won't accidentally come off and hurt your child. At Everflex, we use three fastenings: touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces. Each requires different skills, so please choose the option your child can do independently.


Tip 4—Always get brand-new ones.

While we understand why parents choose second-hand footwear for their children, it might cause more harm than good. Used academic footwear is more affordable than new ones, so parents think it's acceptable to get them since it saves them money. However, second-hand kids' school shoes may harm your child's feet and development because you do not know the previous owner's foot health history. What if they have a fungal or bacterial infection that they can unknowingly pass on to your child? Treatment for this can be more costly than the amount you saved from getting the used footwear.

And worse, since the kids' school shoes have already moulded to the previous owner's feet, they won't be able to provide the proper support to your child, which can affect their development. Why risk it when you can get affordable kids' school shoes from Everflex?

With the brand's various options in three budget-friendly price ranges, you don't have to worry about breaking the bank. More importantly, our flexible payment systems enable you to purchase now and pay in instalments later!


Tip 5—Choose Everflex.


Stop stressing about kids' school shoes now by purchasing them at Everflex. As mentioned, the brand knows everything about academic footwear, making the shopping experience easy for parents. All the kids' school shoes in our collection have the necessary features to ensure your child is wearing the right fit. Our options include pull-on boots, Mary Jane, double straps, T-Bar, lace-ups, and sneakers.


Make Shopping for Kids' School Shoes Easy with Our Tips!


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