Our School Shoes Also Make the Perfect Work Shoe

Don’t you love it when you discover ways to get more bang for your buck?

As parents, having enough money to provide your children with quality things, including kids' school shoes, is an investment in their future. 

But it’s so much better if they also become your investment. With the kinds of school shoes available at Everflex, parents and children can shop in one place for their footwear.

The versatility of the Everflex school shoes makes them suitable for work as well. Parents and part-time student workers can enjoy wearing them. What makes Everflex school shoes that boys and girls find perfect as work footwear?

Understanding how the different features in the school shoes work to your child’s advantage will make it easier to know how they can benefit people at work. If you’re ready to start, let’s do it!


They are comfortable.

Students and employees constantly search for footwear that will allow them to do their best. Comfort is a top priority for everyone and is a feature that Everflex school shoes have. How do you know that they are comfortable and durable?


The right fit.

The same tip when shopping for footwear applies to children and adults: do it in the afternoon. We’ve reminded parents to buy school shoes for their children in the afternoon or evening, when their feet are at their maximum size. 

Like children, who require the correct measurements for their school shoes, adults are also particular about finding the right size for their footwear. If you need a work shoe, it must be comfortable for eight hours or more.


Enough toe room.

Students love Everflex school shoes because they have enough toe room. With most styles having round toes, no style would squeeze the toes together and cause blisters and permanent deformities. 

Employees and workers avoid pointy styles when they can because they know how uncomfortable they can be. 


Why do children need round toes or enough toe room in school shoes?

If the school shoes allow them to spread naturally, there won’t be any problem. Let your child try the footwear and wiggle their toes. If they can do so without hitting any part of the school shoes, it’s an excellent style!



Control the fit of their school shoes because they need to adjust them for comfort. Fasteners are an excellent way to provide adjustability. Adults can use the same feature, as they need their work footwear to be comfortable. 

It’s better if the footwear stays securely on their feet as they rush around to attend meetings and presentations.

Apart from adjustability, fastenings also provide security to the school shoes, ensuring they stay where they should be. Like adults, children rush around the campus so they won’t be late for their next class.

Without fastenings, there’s a high probability that the school shoes can come off and cause an accident for your child and other students.

Everflex has three fastenings: touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces. Adults are familiar with them, especially when they wear heeled sandals with buckled ankle straps or laced sneakers. 

While adults have skills in using the three fastenings, your child still needs to learn how to lock straps, pin buckles, and tie laces to use the different school shoes.


Room for growth.

Your child should never wear ill-fitting school shoes. The wrong footwear affects posture and health by not leaving enough space between the longest toe and the footwear tip. 

The recommended gap is around 1cm, leaving enough room for your sudden growth spurt. Parents must double-check the school shoes for this gap every few weeks and replace them once the space is gone. 

While feet stop growing at a certain age, adults should leave enough space for when the time comes that they need to wear thicker socks for warmth.


They are stylish.

The way the shoes look is essential for confidence and self-esteem. Children feel more motivated to participate in the classroom and playground when they know their peers approve of their school shoes. Adults feel good about themselves and want to do better.


Comes in black.

The Everflex school shoes come in black, which meets all academic and workplace dress code requirements. It’s a safe choice, especially if the workplace is conservative. 

Ensure you maintain the lustre of the school shoes because how they look can affect how others view your child or you. Cleaning, polishing, and storing are essential to keeping the footwear looking as new as the day you got it.

Wearing scruffy and dirty footwear will taint the way people look at you. It’s not the lasting impression you want to leave everyone with. In the same way, other children can tease and make fun of your child for wearing unkempt school shoes, which can affect their performance.



Function and fashion are equally important when buying school shoes. Why sacrifice one for the other when the available footwear at Everflex exhibits both?

Boys can select from styles like pull-on boots and unisex options such as double straps and lace-ups. Aside from the unisex styles mentioned, girls can enjoy the Mary Janes and T-Bars. Sneakers are essential for strenuous activities like PE and sports, which require shock absorption and support.

Please remember that when buying school shoes, parents must involve their children. Ask them what they want, because this can affect how your child will treat their footwear.

We offer shoes from well-known brands such as Nike, Asics, Skechers, and Harrison, ensuring you get the same quality and style at a lesser price.


They are stable.

Students and workers need treads and grooves to stay stable and upright while doing their tasks. Not having the proper soles can affect the work output or cause accidents with permanent damage. 

Flip the school shoes over and ensure you see these shapes underneath because they create the friction you and your child need to stay steady.


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