Our Non-Slip Shoes Are Not Only Safe but Also Comfortable!

If you can get your hands on footwear that can ensure your safety while keeping you comfortable during extended periods, wouldn't you do all you can to get your hands on one?

Profusely nodding means you value your health and well-being, which is more critical if you deal with slippery surfaces frequently. Wear non-slip shoes to protect and keep you steady during exposure to elements and scenarios that can cause you to fall.

You don't need to look far to find a reputable brand that provides safe and comfortable, non-slip work shoes. This brand ensures that each item in the inclusive collection offers grip, traction, and other features to keep you safe. Do you know which brand we're talking about?

Everflex non-slip work shoes remain in a league of their own. While we use materials tested for durability, your safety is the brand's priority. Constant exposure to elements should never hinder you from performing your best, whether at your workplace or school. Wearing a non-slip will ensure you complete your tasks and come home in one piece. Discover the Everflex collection and learn why you need this footwear every day. With the team's help, get an in-depth understanding of the features developed by Everflex. Let's start!


Why Wearing Slip-Resistant Footwear Is a Must

We've lightly touched on what a non-slip pair can do for you. Let's dive deeper so you can realise why you need one for you and for people who matter.


  • Safety 

It is the most compelling reason to invest in non-slip work shoes. Accidents can be fatal, and you must never treat them lightly. Falling can lead to permanent and life-changing injuries, affecting your quality of life. Why risk paying costly hospital bills when a non-slip pair of affordable shoes can protect you? As they say, prevention is better than cure.


  • Workplace Requirement 

If you work in the healthcare and hospitality industries, you know that non-slip is necessary. Restaurant workers, in constant exposure to spillage, liquids, oil, and slippery floors that can endanger them, need this footwear. Most workplaces require them to wear non-slip work shoes to protect employees from this unnecessary expense and unfortunate incident. Falling into an accident can mean taking time off from work and incurring high treatment costs. 


  • Comfort 

Besides ensuring you remain steady, slip-resistant shoes keep you cosy during long periods. Features like padded innersoles and cushioning, which absorb impact reduce fatigue after walking and rushing around. It's unhealthy to allow your feet to suffer daily, so invest in a comfortable, non-slip pair you never want to remove!


  • Productivity 

Feeling good while you work boosts your performance and ensures you finish all your tasks. Employees who wear slip-resistant shoes feel confident and steady with every step, unafraid to do their job well. Dealing with slippery surfaces without slip-resistant footwear can make you skittish and unsure. So, why risk it when you can sleep better at night knowing you're safe?


  • Professionalism 

Slip-resistant shoes usually come in black, exuding formality and professionalism. Crews in the hospitality and healthcare industries are typically client-facing. With non-slip, you can hit two birds with one stone: protect yourself and ensure you leave a positive impression.


Why Everflex is the Best Source of Slip-Resistant Footwear

While several brands carry slip-resistant work shoes, Everflex is the top choice for those seeking footwear that meets their needs with confidence. Here are the features that work together to keep you safe and steady:


  • The slip-resistant sole works hard to keep you steady on your feet against fluids and water. It creates friction between the slip-resistant work shoes and the floor, saving you from potential falls. To check, please flip the Everflex footwear; you should find treads and grooves in various shapes like circles, hexagons, and squiggles. These things work by letting fluids flow through instead of staying under your non-slip pair. Choose the ones with smaller spaces between the grooves because they have better friction. 

  • The oil-resistant outsole is another feature, protecting you this time from oil and other greasy products. Besides ensuring you don't slip when encountering them, the oil-resistant outsole of Everflex slip-resistant shoes shields you from getting burned. Burns of any kind are not joking matters and may require you to take time off for recovery. The sole's slip resistance prevents the oil from seeping through and burning your feet.

  • Specific types of sports footwear use the third feature of non-slip for the same purpose: to allow the wearer to move laterally and change directions quickly. You can find commercial-grade non-marking outsoles for indoor sports like badminton, volleyball, and basketball, which all require direction changes and sudden stops. Similarly, hotel and theme park workers benefit from wearing slip-resistant shoes because they get to perform their tasks despite crowded hallways and rooms. They can avoid running into crowds while walking in a zigzag or changing directions suddenly.

  • When you constantly work shifts on your feet, you'll recognise the significance of the non-slip heel's impact cushioning feature. It absorbs shock and reduces the force that travels to your other body parts with every step. Without it, expect pain and discomfort in your feet, knees, hips, and lower back. 

  • Give your feet some respite with the help of flexible and padded innersoles that provide a soft cushion. Everflex non-slip men's or women's shoes enhance your comfort by reducing pressure points. Innersoles help by maintaining your foot's natural arch and distributing your body weight evenly.


Besides these features, the Everflex non-slip line of shoes is affordable. As mentioned, accidents are costly. Why risk your life savings and health when a reasonably priced alternative exists to prevent you from falling?

Priced at $50, you can get a pair of slip-resistant work shoes for men or women. And with the flexible payment systems at Everflex, you can purchase now and pay in instalments later. This way, you can plan your purchases. How easy, right?


Choose Comfort and Safety. Choose Everflex!

Head to the nearest Everflex store or shop online to grab one now!