Our Guide to the Perfect Fitting School Shoes!

The start of every academic year is a massive deal for children and parents. 

Everyone wants to guarantee a secure and comfortable learning experience for the children, so finding the perfect fitting school shoes is critical. The footwear should provide proper support from day one without breaking in or practising.

The critical thing about school shoes is that they can affect the development of your child's feet. Your child's feet continue to develop until puberty, so until then, they are malleable. 

Ill-fitting school shoes can affect their health and cause blisters and foot deformities like hammertoes, which they can carry into adulthood.

Your youngster will wear school shoes most of the day, participating in classroom activities and playground games. They must be comfortable and supported throughout because it can impact their performance. 

And since Everflex understands the importance of finding the perfect fitting school shoes, here's an easy guide to ensuring your kid wears the correct ones. Please read on to learn more!


Step 1—Take your child shopping

One of the parents' mistakes when shopping for school shoes is leaving the kid at home. They must be present to try the footwear and give feedback. 

When they go with you, you can immediately check if the school shoes are tight in specific areas or if they are rubbing your child's feet and hurting them.

While we're on the topic, it's also critical that your kid wear the socks that will accompany the footwear. The thickness of the socks can affect the fit, so be sure they are wearing it to check.


Step 2—Shop in the afternoon

Knowing the ideal time to shop for school shoes is critical. Afternoons are the best because your child's feet are at their maximum size at the end of the day.

All the activities they do from morning until the end, like running, walking, standing, and jumping, contribute to the swelling of their feet.

It's necessary to account for this growth when finding the perfect fitting school shoes because if you don't, your child's feet will swell every afternoon, rub against the footwear, and hurt. 

Accounting for this growth will ensure they remain comfortable throughout.


Step 3—Get the correct measurements

Knowing your child's correct shoe size is critical to finding the perfect fitting school shoes. 

Since their feet continue to develop until puberty, expect growth spurts every 4–8 weeks. As such, getting their measurements is an almost never-ending cycle.

To get the proper school shoes, ensure you measure the width and length of each foot separately. You can take them to professionals like podiatrists and have them measured. 

Alternatively, the trained in-store staff can measure them for you and suggest a style appropriate for your child's foot type.


Step 4—Leave enough room for growth

In finding the school shoes that fit, it's safe practice to leave a 1 cm gap between the tip of your child's longest toe and the footwear. 

The space serves as a breathing space so that your child's feet won't rub the footwear and get blisters. Moreover, it leaves enough leeway for their growth spurts, which can happen often. 

As mentioned earlier, you must check for that space occasionally to ensure that the school shoes still fit correctly. Once you notice the gap is gone, buy them new ones immediately.


Step 5—Ensure enough toe room

Aside from the gap, the shape of the school shoes also matters. Your child's footwear must have enough room to spread their toes naturally, ensuring they remain balanced and stable. 

The best shapes to provide this are round and square ones. Avoid getting pointy school shoes boys and girls will hate because they squeeze their toes and make them uncomfortable. 

To test, make your kid wiggle their toes while trying on the school shoes. If they can do it without their toes hitting various parts of the footwear, it's an excellent fit!


Step 6—Check for adjustability 

A comfortable fit means you can choose how tight their school shoes are. As such, you must look for footwear with fastenings because they allow your them to adjust the fit when necessary. 

Several kinds of fastenings exist, but Everflex only uses three for its school shoes: touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces.

Touch-fastening straps rely on adhesion to keep the footwear secure. Two nylon strips, one made of hooks and the other of loops, lock together when pressed. 

Early learners prefer school shoes with touch-fastening straps because they are the easiest to close and open. 

Buckles require a slightly more advanced skill, locking the opposite strap through the clasp with a pin to ensure the school shoes won't come off. Constant use of this fastening is suitable for your child's fine motor and problem-solving skills.

Laces are the most complicated of the three fastenings but offer the most adjustability. How you tie or weave them through the eyelets of the school shoes impacts the fit, making them more customised to your child's foot type.


Step 7—Avoid second-hand

Some parents prefer buying second-hand school shoes because they think a new pair is more expensive. However, getting a pair of hand-me-downs can be more costly in the long run. 

For starters, it will not provide the right fit and support because it already moulds to the shape of the previous owner's feet. Please remember that no two feet are alike, even from the same person. 

And since the school shoes already take the shape of a different person's feet, they can make your child uncomfortable. 

Secondly, you cannot tell if the previous owner is hygienic or infection-free. It can be unfortunate for your child if the previous owner had a bacterial or fungal infection and left residues in the school shoes because they can also get infected. 


Step 8—Shop at Everflex

Everflex is the answer to all your problems. The brand's collection of school shoes has all the necessary features to ensure your child's comfort.

Everflex is a well-known brand that stocks a range of school shoes that boys and girls will love. There's a reason why it's one of the most popular brands among both parents and students.

There are many benefits to wearing these shoes. They perfectly adapt to the various times of school life, from active playground games to quiet classroom work.

Shopping online can't be any easier—our clear filters will help you find the perfect shoe in no time. Compare the Everflex brand to well-known brands like Clarks, Asics, Roc, Nike, Harrison, and Skechers. 

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Apply What You Learned to Get Perfect-Fit Kids' School Shoes!

Find the perfect fitting school shoes at Everflex. Head to the nearest retailer or online store to grab one now! Be sure to add new socks before checking out.