Our Best-Selling Style for Boy's School Shoes

We know how difficult it is to find the best pair of boys' school shoes for your son. There are many things to consider, especially if their parents or guardians want them to learn comfortably throughout the school year. Are you curious about the pair of school shoes for boys other parents get?


Everflex has several best-selling styles that are popular staples for uniforms. Allow our team to help ease the shopping experience for you and your child. Purchasing a pair of boy's school shoes is a once-a-year task, and you won't have to do it again until the next academic year, but we can't.


Even if you get one of our best-selling styles, you'll likely need another pair in a couple of months because children's feet grow fast. The good news is that the school shoes from Everflex will give your child's feet the support they need as they keep growing until puberty.


With our best-selling styles, you don't need to worry about your child having foot problems he can carry until adulthood. All our shoes are comfortable, stylish, supportive, and affordable.


Here's a rundown to help you decide which one to go with.


Best-Selling Styles of Boy's School Shoes From Everflex


We hope you find one to help your child perform his best in class. Pain and discomfort are two things that will keep him from concentrating completely. By getting school shoes for boys at Everflex, you don't have to worry about your child's performance.


Style 1—Pull-On Boots


 These school shoes are the most convenient, given their lack of fastenings. This style is ideal for young children or those who are inexperienced with tying laces or locking straps. You must assist and teach your child to slide their feet inside the shoes.


The elastic side gussets on these shoes make slipping their feet in and out as comfortable as possible. These stylish and timeless black ankle boots are top sellers because they go well with uniforms.


Also, these shoes cover the feet up to the ankles, so nothing can get stuck in them and hurt your child's feet.


Their thick soles give them stability and good grip in bad weather, so your child won't slip while playing or doing other things. However, despite being the easiest to put on, these shoes have one drawback: there needs to be a fastening to keep the shoes in place.


As a result, your child can get hurt when he unintentionally removes his footwear.


Style 2—Double Straps


Another best-selling style available at Everflex is the double strap, characterised by two touch-fastening straps to keep them in place. These shoes are ideal for students who are still in elementary school and learning to tie their laces. They can quickly fasten the footwear and make any necessary strap adjustments with one hand.


To help you understand how touch-fastening straps work, allow us to explain. Two nylon fabric strips form these touch-fastening straps; one has little hooked threads, while the other has a rough surface. Squeezing these strips will lock them together, securing the shoes.


To unlock the footwear, the child would have to pull the strips apart, making a characteristic tearing noise as they did so. But there's a limit to how often your child can keep reopening touch-fastening straps.


The nylon strips will lose traction after 8,000 cycles, making it impossible to fasten the school shoes off.


As popular as this style is, there are some issues with the fastening that may turn you off:

  • The straps are less effective because they constantly pick up lint, dirt, and other loose things.
  • The straps latch on any material and destroy it when pulled off.
  • Unlocking them creates a distinct sound that can be bothersome. For example, the noise they produce when separating the touch-fastening straps
  • Parents need to buy a new pair of school shoes once the straps lose adhesion because the fastenings won't work and will not stay on their kids' feet.


Style 3—Lace-Up


Students skilled with tying laces will find this best-selling style ideal for them. Lace-up school shoes for boys stay in place and protect your child's feet, thanks to the laces. That’s minus one cause of worry for parents and guardians.


Your child has control over their comfort because they can adjust the tightness of their school shoes. For example, they can adjust and loosen the laces to allow for airflow during sweltering summer days. On the one hand, they can tighten the laces to get more warmth in the winter months.


Parents must ensure that the length of the laces is correct so the child won't trip over them. Then, get replacement laces from the shoe care section of Everflex.


Style 4—Trainers


Some educational institutions have relaxed uniform dress codes, which makes this style ideal! These school shoes look like traditional footwear, perfect for the classroom. What makes it unique is the style's sporty soles, which are ideal for recess and lunch, outdoor activities, and play.


Your child can wear the trainers to schools with stricter uniform rules for PE classes.


Where to Get School Shoes Boys Would Love


It won't matter how fashionable, and best-selling his black school shoes are if your child doesn't adore them. We at Everflex Australia will help you address this issue and provide tips on getting your child to love his school shoes.


Step 1—Tell Your Child the Benefits of Wearing the Footwear


Tell them how their boys' school shoes protect their feet from natural elements that would otherwise prevent them from playing and running around the playground.


Step 2—Allow Your Child to Choose (His Black School Shoes?)


Letting them choose will teach your child independence and that their choices matter, which will help them value their boys' school shoes more. In addition, it tells them that you think they can care for themselves, which is good for their self-esteem.


Finally, remember that high school shoes will still be a big deal as your child ages.


Step 3—Go and buy one of our best-selling styles of boys' school shoes!


Shopping for your child's boys' school shoes is difficult because of several factors you must consider. However, the styles we shared have many benefits that can convince you to get one for your son.


Also, if you believe in making your child's learning experience memorable, put one in your Everflex shopping cart!


You can continue shopping for your top brands, but what we mentioned here should be enough to make you head to our online shop (the Everflex website) or the nearest store. Use our handy size guide for the best fit!