Our Best-Selling Non-Slip Shoes!

Safety is a top priority at Everflex. The brand carefully curates non-slip shoes to ensure you get to work and back secure and sound. Working in industries like healthcare and hospitality will expose you to environments prone to slip accidents. Slippery floors and crowded halls increase the risk of falling, which may lead to severe outcomes if you are not wearing the proper non-slip shoes.

Do not treat broken bones, burns, and permanent paralysis lightly. These severe effects can alter your life and wipe out your savings, especially since treatments and therapy cost a lot. Thankfully, non-slip shoes exist, and they are more affordable. When they said that prevention is better than cure, this is what they meant. Why wait for accidents to happen before getting one? Do it now before it's too late!

Searching for the best non-slip shoes can be tedious because various brands have released their collections. But there's one brand synonymous with excellent slip-resistant footwear. Everflex has provided non-slip shoes for years and remains unparalleled. With the help of our team at Everflex, let's go through our best-selling non-slip shoes and why they remain best-sellers. Let's start!


1. Provides safety 

Everflex understands the dangers of not wearing non-slip shoes. Because the brand knows what can happen to you if you go to work without it, it ensures that its slip-resistant outsoles can keep you steady and stable against these things:


  • Wet or moist surfaces and floors top the list of accident causes. When you work in restaurants, you deal with spillage from juices and water that can make you slip if you don't have non-slip shoes. These fluids reduce the friction between your footwear and the floor, causing you to lose grip and slip.

  • Oily or greasy substances can also cause you to lose your balance. Working in the kitchen will expose you to oil, sometimes scalding hot ones, which can burn you. So, aside from causing you to slip, oil can burn you. As such, you need non-slip shoes to protect you from it.

  • Crowded halls and uneven surfaces can also cause accidents. You will move sideways and stop as you try to avoid people. Non-slip shoes will help you navigate the crowd safely. The footwear can also protect you from twisted ankles.


While there are many more causes, these are the most common ones that Everflex non-slip shoes save you from. Are you still wondering why the brand is best-selling?


2. Has excellent features 

Everflex prides itself on having excellent features. Each of them works together to ensure the non-slip shoes get the job done! Loyal customers keep returning because they find these features compelling. Let's look at each.


  • A slip-resistant sole is pivotal in keeping you steady on your feet against fluids and water. When you flip the Everflex non-slip shoes over, you should see treads and grooves in various shapes like circles, hexagons, and squiggles. These shapes create friction against slippery floors, keeping you safe. They let fluids flow between the treads so that you wouldn't slip. Non-slip shoes with smaller spaces between grooves are better because they provide increased friction. 

  • The oil-resistant outsole protects you and keeps you steady against oil and other greasy products. Apart from keeping you stable, this feature of Everflex non-slip shoes also protects you from burns. Scalding oil can burn your feet and would require treatment and time off to recuperate. The oil-resistant outsole works by preventing the oil from seeping through the material of the non-slip shoes.

  • Commercial-grade non-marking outsole is also available in the footwear of select indoor sports like badminton, volleyball, and basketball because it helps the players change directions, move laterally, and stop suddenly without hurting themselves. It does a similar thing with non-slip shoes, benefiting hotel and theme park workers who must avoid crowds to complete their tasks. Everflex non-slip shoes allow you to walk in zigzag, stop, and change directions safely.

  • Heel impact cushioning absorbs shock and impact, helping reduce foot fatigue. Healthcare and hospitality workers spend most of their shifts on their feet, which could take a toll. This feature of Everflex non-slip shoes minimises the force that travels to your other body parts with every step. Without it, expect pain and discomfort in your feet, knees, hips, and lower back. Non-slip shoes ensure you remain comfortable to last you through long shift hours.

  • A flexible and padded innersole provides a soft cushion that soothes your tired feet. Everflex non-slip shoes enhance your comfort by reducing pressure points. More importantly, this feature maintains the foot's natural arch and distributes body weight evenly to make every work shift as comfortable as possible.


3. Versatile and adaptable

Everflex non-slip shoes are usable in various industries, like healthcare and hospitality, but do not limit their use. Students and learners can also use slip-resistant footwear in school. All the options at Everflex come in black, the same as the required uniform dress code. 

Children also get exposed to slippery surfaces, especially in the cafeteria, where they spill their drinks and food. The crowded hallways they pass through daily would require them to move around people so that they could get to their next class on time. Our best-selling non-slip shoes will ensure they can change directions and make sudden stops without glitches.

Please also consider using them when you travel because you'll encounter uneven surfaces, cobblestones, and groups of people in the airport. The Everflex non-slip shoes will keep you stable and ensure your feet will not tyre from hours of walking and sightseeing.


4. Affordable

As mentioned, accidents that happen when you're not wearing your Everflex non-slip shoes are costly. Why risk your life savings when you have an affordable alternative?

Priced at $50+, you get options for men and women. Besides, you don't even have to pay the total price immediately. The brand's flexible payment systems allow you to purchase now and pay in instalments later!

When it comes to safety characteristics, such as traction grip, Everflex provides an extensive collection of in-stock, non-slip work shoes for men and women of all ages. You can narrow your search by selecting criteria like colour, price, and select size.


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