Non-Slip Shoes Will Benefit You… Here's Why!

If you work in hospitality, then you need to hear this! If you work in waitressing, you probably spend hours on end on your feet. You're constantly moving, going back and forth between tables, the kitchen, the bar, the entrance, and the list just goes on! 


Just listing all the moving around waiters and waitresses do within a shift is tiring! Although it's a tough job that will take a toll on your feet, after long shifts, your feet can suffer from aches, pains, and spasms. 


However, there is a way! If you invest in the right pair of footwear for your workplace, you can be sure you'll avoid the aches and pains that come with the job. 


Employees that work in the hospitality industry work in an environment that isn't the safest workplace to work in; waiters and waitresses are faced with hazards daily. Therefore, the least you can do is opt for a footwear style that will keep you and your feet completely protected throughout the day. 




Since there are so many hazards that staff are faced with daily in the hospitality environment, it's paramount to choose footwear that will keep you comfortable and protected all shift long. Therefore, we recommend opting for non-slip shoes, and lucky for you, Everflex has a range that will keep you clear of any trips and falls. 


The beauty of our non-slip work shoes is the fact that they are specifically designed with safety in mind, all the while keeping your feet comfortable too. Also, our trendy designs and styles mean you don't need to sacrifice style for safety. Our non-slip work shoes accommodate all your safety, comfort, and style needs! 

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Have We Convinced You Yet? 


So, without further delay, read on as we take you through our top five styles that are best suited for workers in the hospitality industry. 




Slip into a slip-on style on your way to work! 


This design is popular among women; the slip-on feature allows you to quickly slip into these non-slip shoes on your way to work. Rather than a traditional lace-up, these non-slip shoes aren't bulky and have more of a sporty look about them. 


The sole and tread on these slip-ons are next to none, so you'll have no trouble at all darting around during busy times in the restaurant. These non-slip work shoes are comfortable, and as we said, there's no need to sacrifice style for safety in these stylish slip-ons! 


Throw these non-slip work shoes on with pants, skirts, or tights. Compared to a chunkier lace-up, this style is slim-lined and lightweight, making it the perfect style to dress up your uniform. So take this as a sign to invest in a new pair of kicks that other shoe brands don't offer.


Apart from our slip-on style non-slip work shoes, we also have a range of lace-ups that are just as suitable for any hospitality workplace. So, without further delay, let's take a look at our lace-up styles! 




You can't go wrong with a pair of lace-up non-slip shoes. They are the perfect companions for your work uniform! Seamlessly pair them with pants, jeans, skirts, or tights. 


These non-slip work shoes are a powerhouse regarding safety and are an integral part of our safety footwear range. The grip on our lace-ups makes them the perfect choice for the hospitality or aged care industry.


These lace-ups come in two different designs, equally as protective in the safety department. However, they have slightly different looks. Like the heel strap in your heels, it will stay intact with your feet.

Both feature a matt finish, exterior stitching details, and a strong support structure. So swap your old New Balance pairs for these kicks.


So, whichever style you choose, you can guarantee that you'll find the right style you're looking for. However, when it comes to safety features, take a closer look: 


  • Slip-resistant sole 
  • Oil-resistant outsole 
  • Commercial grade non-marking rubber outsole 
  • Heel impact cushioning for shock absorption and support 
  • Flexible and padded innersole for all-day comfort 




If you'd like to take a step away from the traditional lace-up non-slip shoes, then you'll love the look of our trainer-style non-slip work shoes. 

Rather than a traditional lace-up style, these non-slip work shoes have a real sporty look and feel about them. 


The spongy, supportive soles in these trainers will keep you zipping around the restaurant all shift long while keeping you supported and protected. 


These trainers sport some a-grade features in the safety department, too. Take a look and see! 


  • Slip-resistant sole 
  • Oil-resistant outsole 
  • Commercial grade non-marking rubber outsole 
  • Heel impact cushioning for shock absorption and support 
  • Flexible and padded innersole for all-day comfort 


Our trainers come in two different designs. The designer differs with alternating stitching, detailing, and laces. So with both styles sporting similar trainer features, you will feel spoilt for choice! 


These trainers feature a higher profile and padded ankles that will support your feet and ankles throughout the day. 


If you are searching for a pair of non-slip shoes that tick all the safety boxes, then you can't go past our stylish trainer lace-ups! 




The beauty of these non-slip shoes is that they are all 100 percent vegan-friendly. That's right, all of our non-slip shoes in Everflex's range are vegan-friendly. So you can guarantee that you will feel better when you're shopping consciously. 

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The great thing about Everflex's online store is their extensively detailed size guide, so you should have no trouble finding your perfect fit without trying on multiple styles and sizes in a store. 


On our website, you can search quickly in the categories, filters, or search bar. For example, in the filter, we have a size guide, categories, brand, colour, and price that will meet every customer's needs.


Take the guesswork out of online shopping and make things simple and easy. Using our size charts for men and women, you will have everything you need to make an informed decision on our non-slip shoes. 


Do yourself a favour, shop online, and receive your non-slip shoes just in time before your next shift starts!


What Have You Got To Lose? 


Now that we've shown you our popular non-slip shoes that are perfect for workers in the hospitality industry, jump online and find some footwear for work at Everflex!