Non-slip Shoes Are So Important in the Workplace and School. Here's Why!

Workplaces and schools expose anyone to various elements that can cause slip accidents. Liquids are the usual main culprits, but people can also fall because of food spillage, crowds, newly waxed floors, or slippery surfaces. The exposure and risk are even higher in the healthcare, hospitality, and food service industries. 

Businesses in these industries, like restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and aged care, require the employees to wear non-slip work shoes to keep them safe. As with all other environments, safety is a top priority. Non-slip shoes shield against potential accidents because of their unique features that keep the wearer steady and stable. And for situations where you're not required to wear slip-resistant shoes, like in school or other workplaces, it's best to take the initiative and do it for yourself and your loved ones. No one likes receiving emergency calls, so save everyone the trouble and protect yourself and those around you with slip-resistant footwear.

At Everflex, we recognise the need for traction and stability, especially in areas where quick movements, crowds, and food are daily encounters. One wrong move can cause a domino accident and affect others nearby. Non-slip shoes are essential for schools and workplaces because they provide a secure grip on various surfaces. Everflex non-slip shoes have slip-resistant soles that keep students and workers safe. Discover why adding slip-resistant footwear to your shoe closet is a must. If you're ready, let's get started!


1. For Safety 


Working in an environment with wet and slippery surfaces is a constant concern. The possibility of an accident is always present, so wearing non-slip shoes for protection is essential. Similarly, slip-resistant work shoes are also vital for schools because certain areas, like locker rooms, bathrooms, and the cafeteria, can expose students and school staff to the risk of accidents.

Everflex non-slip shoes use slip-resistant soles to ensure safety on wet and slippery surfaces. The grooves in random shapes work hard to create friction against wet floors. Unlike smooth-soled footwear that traps liquid underneath, non-slip footwear uses treads to let the liquid flow and keep you safe. To check, flip the footwear and look for circles, hexagons, or squiggles. These random shapes ensure that the non-slip shoes work against various elements. Look for options with smaller spaces between the shapes because that produces more friction and provides more protection.

Besides slip-resistant soles, Everflex non-slip shoes boast oil-resistant outsoles, which are responsible for making them effective against oil and grease. This feature provides excellent protection for those working in kitchens and bringing out food trays.


2. For Stable Navigation


Those who work in busy workplaces like hotels and theme parks know how to handle large crowds, providing excellent customer service despite foot traffic. These ingenious people have developed techniques that help them navigate the crowds effortlessly, such as walking in zigzag patterns and making quick stops and lateral movements to avoid collisions. 

Similarly, students and school staff deal with crowded hallways littered with people and backpacks. While the technique is innovative, everyone needs Everflex non-slip shoes to execute these movements correctly. Without slip-resistant shoes, you can twist your ankles, fall flat on the floor, or run into other people, causing others to get hurt. What unique Everflex feature ensures these movements are possible?

The brand's slip-resistant shoes have commercial-grade, non-marking rubber outsoles that support workers, students, and school staff in making quick direction changes injury-free. Investing in the proper footwear promotes safety and injury-free workplaces and schools. 


3. For Fatigue-Free Days


In healthcare, food service, hospitality, and education, employees spend extended periods on their feet, sometimes up to eight to ten hours or more. Doing this for an entire day can be tiring, but you'll do it daily if this is your career. Similarly, students are constantly on their feet, travelling between buildings and classrooms for their next class and need footwear that improves this experience. 

Everflex understands how critical non-slip shoes are in providing support, absorbing impact, and cushioning your feet. They prevent physical exhaustion and foot fatigue, which can affect productivity and effectiveness. The brand's collection of slip-resistant work shoes has heel-impact cushioning and flexible, padded innersoles that alleviate strain and provide much-needed comfort during extended shifts. These features make all the difference, supporting you through a tough work shift.  

Not only will non-slip shoes absorb the pressure of being on your feet for hours, but they will also support the added weight that workers deal with. For instance, healthcare workers, especially aged care workers, may have to assist and lift patients while hotel workers help guests with their luggage. And since most work shifts and school days take an entire day, with some lasting until the night, you can rely on slip-resistant shoes for support and reprieve. 


Why Choose Everflex?


Everflex curates an excellent collection of non-slip shoes because it understands that staying comfortable and safe is a top priority. Each pair has all the features to help workers and students perform their tasks excellently and come home injury-free after a long day. Besides providing fashionable and functional options, Everflex ensures that all its non-slip shoes are affordable. Ensure your health and well-being without exceeding your budget. Moreover, the flexible payment systems enable everyone to purchase non-slip footwear now and pay in installments later.

At Everflex, we believe in making lives safer and more convenient. Purchase our slip-resistant footwear from the comfort of your home! Say goodbye to dragging your exhausted body to the store for shopping because our online store has everything you need! No more dealing with crowds and long queues; you can browse anytime and anywhere and learn more about our non-slip work shoes. With a few clicks, you can place an order and wait for the parcel to arrive at your doorstep! 

Despite competition from more costly brands such as Skechers and Shoes for Crews, we take great pride in our brand's slip resistance and durability. Our design will give you confidence while you work.


Use Everflex Non-Slip Shoes in School and at Work! 

Head to the nearest Everflex retail store or check out our online shop for excellent non-slip shoes! Add instant shine before checking out to keep your durable, long-lasting footwear in tip-top shape!