Non-Slip Shoes Are So Important For Work… Here’s Why!

Have you recently been accepted into the food, healthcare, or hospitality industries?

If yes, you likely stumbled on this page because you are searching for non-slip work shoes and because your new workplace requires you to wear them. Your new job entails doing work that will have you near possible causes of accidental slips.

You’ll be dealing with food, hot fluids, slippery floors and surfaces, and hallways filled with people you must avoid. Without non-slip work shoes, you can encounter any of these things and fall into an accident, which can be debilitating and permanent.

Paying for hospital bills and treatment can cost more than a pair of Everflex non-slip shoes, which could have prevented all this from happening.

Some people are sceptical when they first hear of the need for work shoes. When they wear black sneakers, they think they can do the trick. However, non-slip shoes have specific details that address the issues you can encounter in these industries.

Discover the significance of using Everflex non-slip footwear for work with this article from the Everflex team. If you’re ready, let’s start!


1. Reduce Chances of Accidents

Restaurants and cafes are the top businesses requiring workers to wear non-slip shoes, and for good reason. You will encounter fluids and hot oil daily, and without the footwear’s protection, you become susceptible to accidents.

Everflex's stock of non-slip shoes has a slip-resistant sole with treads or grooves that let liquids flow through. You remain steady and safe when fluids don’t stay under your footwear.

We mentioned earlier the costs and repercussions of accidents without non-slip shoes. But do you know how bad they can get?

Healing and recovering from these accidents will require you to take time off from work, your source of income. Without proper footwear, slips and falls can cause serious injuries, some of which may be permanent.

Here are some:

  • Broken bones are one of the most common injuries sustained in accidents. It occurs when your bones receive more pressure than they can handle.

You can get hip, wrist, and ankle fractures without non-slip shoes, affecting your movement and independence.

  • There are injuries that you don’t visually see, which are more dangerous. Your non-slip shoes could have protected you from common soft tissue injuries like minor ankle and wrist sprains. 

More destructive ones include torn ligaments and tendons, which can leave you with chronic pain.

  • Some more severe and disastrous injuries you can sustain from not wearing non-slip shoes include injuries in your neck, shoulders, or knees. Any of the three would require surgery to restore them, eating up your time and resources.
  • Non-slip shoes can protect you from a permanent injury like paralysis. Back and spinal cord injuries can be fatal and leave you immobile for the rest of your life.
  • Head and brain injuries are hard to detect, especially if you didn’t hit your head. You wouldn’t suspect the impact until you start losing bodily control or start experiencing seizures. Wearing non-slip shoes could stop these.


2. Protects From Burns

You will deal with hot liquids like scalding oil when you work in the kitchen. Everflex non-slip shoes have a feature that will keep you safe from getting any burns.

The oil-resistant outsole prevents hot oil from seeping through the material of your footwear and burning your feet. Like the injuries you get from slipping, burns are not a joke. They can be first or second-degree and require you to take time off to heal.


3. Allows Sudden Direction Changes and Quick Movements

Working in the hospitality industry would mean dealing with many people, usually in hallways and floor areas. Hotels and theme parks would need non-slip shoes because you must be quick on your feet, moving in a zigzag to avoid crashing into guests and customers.

This zigzag direction can cause you to slide and twist your ankle, another injury that can affect your mobility. With Everflex non-slip shoes, you can always ensure full performance.

The footwear has a commercial-grade, non-marking rubber outsole that allows you to do these things. This feature of non-slip shoes also protects sensitive floor surfaces from scratches.

Players of indoor sports like badminton and volleyball use these outsoles to protect themselves from injuries while doing lateral movements.


4. Comfortable

If you will be on your feet for most of the day, doing some heavy lifting and several quick movements, don’t you wish to wear footwear to bear the pain and discomfort?

The Everflex genie grants your wish, as the brand’s non-slip shoes have features to keep you comfortable the whole time. With features like heel-impact cushioning and a flexible, padded innersole, your footwear helps absorb extra pressure and impact to lessen what your feet get.

These features of your non-slip shoes will keep your feet from handling more than they can bear, especially in the healthcare industry, where caregivers sometimes assist and lift patients twice their size.

The same goes for hotel workers, who help guests carry and lift their luggage.


5. Peace of Mind

We won’t blame you if you start feeling paranoid after reading about all the injuries you can get from your work. How can you concentrate when you have these concerns?

You would have to be quick when working in these environments, which require you to perform several tasks simultaneously—running from one place to another, delivering goods, and assisting guests.

Protect yourself, your customers, and your colleagues by wearing non-slip shoes.

Not stressing about hurting yourself or the people around you can help you focus more and feel more confident during your shift. Peace of mind is essential, and with the help of non-slip shoes, you can sleep longer at night and worry less about your safety during the day.


Invest in Everflex Non-Slip Work Shoes!

Invest in a pair of Everflex non-slip shoes to keep your feet safe from the hazards of your job. For example, brands like Skechers and Clarks produce work boots and shoes that are functionally comparable to Everflex but at a lesser cost.

Remember to add socks to your cart so you can wear them together.

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