Non-Slip Shoes Are Important in Many Work Environments… Here’s Why!

Working in the healthcare, hospitality, and food service industries will expose you to various elements that cause slip accidents. Liquids are the main culprits, but you can also fall because of food spillage, crowds, and slippery surfaces. Most workplaces that deal with these elements require the employees to wear non-slip shoes to keep them safe. As with all other environments, safety is a top priority. 

Non-slip shoes can shield against potential accidents because of their features that keep the wearer steady and stable. At Everflex, we recognise the need for traction and stability, especially where liquids, quick movements, crowds, and food are daily encounters. One accidental move can cause a domino effect and impact others nearby. 

Please allow our team to delve into the significance of Everflex non-slip shoes in many work environments. Then, we will highlight the features that make the reasons possible. Let’s start!


1. For protection 

Dealing with wet and slippery surfaces daily is no joke. The possibility of falling in an accident is in front of you every time you enter your workplace. It’s essential to wear slip-resistant shoes for safety. Everflex has equipped its collection with specific features to protect you from slipping. 

Your safety is our top priority, so we ensure that our non-slip shoes can provide maximum protection via slip-resistant soles that create friction against the wet floor. Unlike smooth-soled footwear that traps liquid underneath, our non-slip work shoes have grooves that let the liquid flow to keep you safe. To check this, flip the footwear and look for random shapes like circles, hexagons, and squiggles. These shapes ensure that slip-resistant shoes work against various elements. Smaller spaces between the shapes produce more friction, so look out for that. 

Working in hospitals will expose you to liquids like water, cleaning solutions, or bodily fluids. In your haste to check on the patients and ensure you deliver test results on time, you can slip on these things and hurt yourself without slip-resistant work shoes.  

Restaurants and cafes deal with more slip-causing elements. Apart from water, you will need protection from oil, grease, spilled food, and juices. Not to mention how you also need to avoid other people who are moving around the place. By wearing Everflex non-slip shoes, you can ensure everyone’s safety within the vicinity. 

Besides having slip-resistant soles, Everflex boasts of its oil-resistant outsole, the feature responsible for making the brand’s slip-resistant shoes effective against oil and grease. This key feature ensures the footwear remains effective against these hazards, providing excellent protection for those working in the kitchens and bringing out orders. 


2. For comfort

Most healthcare, food service, and hospitality employees spend most of their shifts on their feet. We’re talking 8–10 hours, or even more, which can take a toll. Dealing with foot fatigue can be challenging, but having slip-resistant work shoes that can absorb impact, provide support, and cushion your feet can make all the difference. Everflex understands the significance of offering quick, efficient service and assistance, ensuring each pair of slip-resistant shoes features heel-impact cushioning and flexible, padded innersoles. These godsent characteristics keep you feeling light and comfortable despite extended hours. Each step can become heavier and more taxing the longer you stay on your feet, but Everflex non-slip shoes can alleviate some pressure. 

These features are superb for workers in healthcare, especially those in elderly care, where they sometimes assist and lift the patients, which adds more weight to them. The slip-resistant work shoes keep them cosy during long and toxic shifts. Hotel workers also deal with added weight and pressure when they help guests with their luggage. Slip-resistant work shoes ensure they can last all day (and night) without excessive exhaustion.


3. For stability

Hotel and theme park workers are experts at navigating through massive crowds daily while providing top-notch customer service. They have mastered techniques like walking in zigzags, making quick stops, and doing lateral movements to avoid collisions. Everflex non-slip shoes enable workers to do these movements with ease. Our commercial-grade non-marking rubber outsole ensures workers remain injury-free despite all these quick direction changes. Wearing the wrong footwear can lead to ankle twists and other injuries because the support required for these movements is lacking. 


4. For good impressions

Slip-resistant work shoes often come in classic black, which adds to the workplace’s professional vibe. The minimalist look ensures everyone looks polished and presentable while providing safety features that protect employees from slips and falls. Employees demonstrate their commitment and discipline in adhering to rules by following protocols such as wearing footwear with built-in slip resistance. 

More importantly, this footwear benefits employees and creates a safe customer environment. Customers who feel secure in a business are more likely to return and recommend the establishment to others. Investing in Everflex non-slip shoes will leave a positive impression, increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction. 

For instance, appearance and hygiene hold significant weight in the hotel industry. Guests can be very particular with the establishment’s overall presentation, including lobby aesthetics, the décor, and how the employees present themselves. Slip-resistant shoes play a dual role, enhancing the staff’s appearance while keeping everyone safe, especially since employees move swiftly between different areas in their haste to provide excellent service. 


Why Everflex?

The brand understands the need to stay cosy and safe during long service hours. Each pair of slip-resistant shoes in the collection ensures employees can perform their tasks excellently and come home injury-free at the end of their shift. Our convenient online store lets you shop anytime and anywhere, even before you sleep after your long work shift.

More importantly, each pair’s affordable price and the brand’s flexible payment systems guarantee everyone access to premium options that won’t cost an arm and a leg. Our flexible payment systems enable you to purchase now and pay in instalments later.


Protect Yourself With Everflex Non-Slip Shoes!

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