Non-slip Shoes Are Important… Here’s Why!

For those who work or study in environments that expose you to slippery floors, you must get a pair of non-slip shoes, pronto! From restaurant kitchens to medical facilities and even school hallways or university campuses, you require protection if you go anywhere with floor waxes, liquids, spilt fluids, and food.

Safety is always a top priority. Businesses in the healthcare and hospitality industries require their workers to wear non-slip shoes to ensure nothing comes in the way of performing well at work. We all want to go home in one piece, free from injuries. In the same way, students deal with crowds and spilt drinks, which can cause them to fall and hurt themselves. While academic institutions don’t require them to wear non-slip shoes, they can, especially since this footwear comes in black, a uniform requirement for schools.

So, suppose you’re a parent of a student looking for a way to add to their daily protection and durability or an employee about to start work in a restaurant, hotel, theme park, hospital, or all other businesses that fall under the healthcare and hospitality industries. In that case, you need to get a pair of non-slip shoes. Only one brand reigns supreme in this department, and that is Everflex. A reputable brand knows the ins and outs of slip-resistant footwear. Discover why you must make space for Everflex non-slip shoes in your closet. Let’s start!


1. Protects you from wet and slippery surfaces


We’ve touched on this briefly, but let’s dive deeper. Working in food businesses exposes you to spillages daily. It’s a part of your life; you must learn to handle it safely. With slip-resistant shoes, you reduce the chance of experiencing accidental slips and falls caused by spilt food, water, juice, and other beverages. You usually move around quickly because you want to deliver the food faster, and you can do it safely with non-slip footwear.

In the same way, students deal with slippery surfaces in the cafeteria and bathroom. They are so busy chatting with friends or playing around that they overlook these things sometimes. Providing your child with slip-resistant shoes saves them and makes you worry less. 

The Everflex non-slip shoes have an excellent feature called slip-resistant soles, which are primarily responsible for causing friction that keeps the wearer steady. These are the grooves found on the footwear’s soles, which allow the fluids to flow so that no one will slip. Usually, the treads are in shapes like circles, hexagons, or squiggles. Choosing non-slip footwear with smaller spaces between the tracks is best for a firmer grip.


2. Saves you from scalding oil and grease


Safety is still the working theme of the second reason; this time, it’s from grease and oil, which are slippery and can hurt you. Part-time student workers or full-time employees who work the kitchens in restaurants and hotels get exposed to grease and oil. Some splash off the pans, while others spill on the floor. Wearing slip-resistant work shoes would help keep you safe from burns and slips. More importantly, it enables you to bring the food out efficiently, confident that you can do it on time without hurting yourself. 

Everflex non-slip shoes have developed an oil-resistant outsole that protects you specifically from these things. It also ensures scalding oil cannot seep through the material, potentially hurting your feet.


3. Keeps you steady in crowded hallways


Hotel and theme park workers and students can relate to crowded halls. In their haste to deliver prompt service to the customers and arrive at their next class on time, workers and students need slip-resistant work shoes to navigate safely through these crowds. Their movements consist of walking in a zigzag or lateral manner and making sudden stops to accomplish their task. With the correct pair of footwear, you can avoid getting injured.

Thankfully, the correct pair of non-slip shoes from Everflex has the feature to maintain your confidence and safety in these scenarios. The commercial-grade non-marking rubber outsole will hold you steady as you perform your task. This feature of slip-resistant shoes is also available in specific footwear for indoor sports like badminton, volleyball, and basketball, players of which do the same lateral movements and abrupt stops.


4. Makes each day more comfortable


If your work or school day requires you to be on your feet most of the time, you will feel the strain and may not perform at your best. Thankfully, the Everflex non-slip shoes can help! Their heel impact cushioning and flexible, padded innersole absorb shock and provide comfort and support throughout the day. Wearing non-slip work shoes allows healthcare staff to raise patients twice their size and will enable bellhops to carry heavy luggage without experiencing any strain.

Likewise, students who spend their day rushing to different classrooms can experience stress on their feet, leading to foot fatigue if they are not wearing slip-resistant shoes. With this footwear, we can ensure they remain comfortable and safe while participating in school.


5. Saves you money


Accidents can be costly and will require time off to recuperate. It would be best if you didn’t spend more than you should. With a pair of the brand’s non-slip shoes, you can save on unnecessary expenses and absences and have a more comfortable daily experience. At Everflex, our budget-friendly collection will keep you safe without breaking the bank. Our affordable price range and flexible payment systems will ensure you can purchase non-slip work shoes now and pay in instalments later! More importantly, if you shop at the Everflex online store, you get discounts from vouchers and coupons. So, with all these perks, it’s time to get non-slip shoes!

Despite competition from more costly companies such as Skechers and Shoes for Crews, we take great pride in our brand's slip resistance and long-lasting quality. On top of that, our design will make you feel more confident while you work.


Protect Everyone With Everflex!


Ensure everyone needing a safer and more comfortable work and learning experience can get it. With Everflex non-slip shoes, you can sleep better at night, knowing that your school or workday won’t be a problem. Head to the nearest retailer or online store to grab one now! Be sure to add gel cushions and innersoles for more comfort!