Non-slip Shoes Are Important for Your Safety at Work. Here’s Why!

Working in some industries will expose you to environments that can harm you if you’re not wearing the proper gear. Shifts in the healthcare and hospitality industries will have you dealing with food and liquid spillage, slippery floors, crowds of people, extended hours on your feet, etc. This long list can instantly change your life, so wearing non-slip shoes for safety is best.

Ask anyone from these industries, and you will discover that wearing non-slip footwear is required to ensure they can do their jobs and get through their long shifts without getting hurt. If you’re about to start working in a restaurant, café, hotel, hospital, or theme park, you've come to the right place.

Everflex is a reputable brand of non-slip shoes that has protected workers for years. While almost all brands share a common feature called slip-resistant soles, Everflex has other features that keep wearers safe. Recognising the need for non-slip footwear is the first step. With our help, you can understand why Everflex non-slip shoes are essential. Once you do, the next step is to purchase one.

Non-slip footwear holds the key to keeping you secure and protected. This way, you can come home accident-free at the end of the shift. Let’s start!


Keep you Safe


The top reason businesses in the healthcare and hospitality industries require workers to wear non-slip shoes is for their protection. Wet, dirty, greasy, and slippery surfaces are constants in your work, and dealing with them daily is challenging. It would be best to have non-slip shoes to navigate through as you hurry to provide timely service to the customers.

As mentioned, Everflex ensured that the non-slip shoes in its collection have slip-resistant soles that create friction against slippery floors. This way, you can work safely despite having food and liquids around you. How do the soles work?

Flip the shoes to check for grooves or treads on the soles. These random shapes, usually circles, hexagons, or squiggles, let the liquid flow through to keep you safe. When you wear non-slip footwear, the slip-resistant sole works hard against water, cleaning solutions, juice, and even body fluids.

Everflex boasts a second feature that protects the wearer. The oil-resistant outsole keeps you safe against oil and grease. Workers in kitchens benefit from wearing non-slip footwear because they always deal with them. Oil spills can also be painful because they are hot and can burn. With non-slip footwear, you can navigate through them and bring out the orders safely. 


Ensure You’re Comfortable


Can you imagine staying on your feet for eight to ten-hour shifts, carrying food trays, cleaning the place, assisting people, and ensuring everything is in order? It is a routine that happens every day. Workers in the healthcare, food service, and hospitality industries experience this regularly, so it is no surprise they are exhausted at the end of their work shifts. Everflex non-slip shoes have features that help alleviate foot fatigue, preventing foot health issues.

The brand’s slip-resistant shoes have heel-impact cushioning and flexible, padded innersoles that work hard to absorb impact, provide support, and cushion your feet. Instead of dealing with the effects of every step, you’ll feel like you’re walking on clouds. These slip-resistant shoes’ features keep you feeling light and comfortable despite extended hours on your feet. This way, you can perform your job well and last all day (or night) without getting too tired. 

Healthcare workers in elderly care are happy with their slip-resistant footwear because they can do their work better. Slip-resistant work shoes keep them cosy during long shifts, where they sometimes lift patients twice their size. Likewise, hotel workers offer help and service to guests round-the-clock, lifting their luggage and running around to ensure the rooms are ready. It’s a tiring job, but this footwear improves the experience.


Make Yourself Look Presentable


Most workers in these industries are client-facing, so they must always look polished and professional. Because slip-resistant footwear often comes in black, a formal and professional colour, it boosts your look and presentability. On top of that, black hides away dirt and scuffs long enough to give you time to clean your footwear.

More importantly, impressions matter in these industries as they reflect on the businesses. In wearing Everflex non-slip shoes, you can hit two birds with one stone to ensure your safety and look professional. Besides, following critical protocols like wearing non-slip work shoes proves your commitment and discipline in following rules. 

Ensure your footwear looks impressive and is in tip-top shape by doing these steps regularly:

  • Clean them when you get home. We know you’re exhausted from a long shift, but wiping the dirt and grime off your non-slip work shoes will not take long. Doing this keeps them around longer.
  • Use Everflex’s instant shine regularly to keep them polished and presentable. Ensure your non-slip shoes are shiny and clean to impress the guests and customers.
  • Ensure they are thoroughly dry. Constant spills and liquids can cause moisture build-up if not dried properly. Let your slip-resistant footwear dry regularly, away from direct heat sources like the sun or radiator heaters.
  • Store them in shoe closets, bags, or racks. While tossing them aside when you get home is tempting, leaving your non-slip work shoes around exposes them to dust, which can weaken the material. 


Keep you Steady and Stable


The last feature of Everflex non-slip shoes is that they ensure you are stable while performing your job. The commercial-grade non-marking rubber outsole ensures workers remain injury-free despite quick direction changes, sudden stops, and lateral movements. With hotel and theme park workers constantly navigating massive crowds, they can maximise this feature during their shifts. These movements can cause ankle twists and injuries without the correct slip-resistant work shoes. 


Stay Safe With Everflex Non-slip Shoes! 


Choose the brand that ensures your overall safety. Head to the nearest Everflex retailer or shop online to get non-slip shoes now. Enjoy our affordable price range and flexible payment systems, which enable you to purchase now and pay in instalments later! 

We are proud of our brand's slip resistance and durability, even though we face competition from more expensive brands like Skechers and Shoes for Crews. Plus, our design will boost your self-confidence as you work.