Non-slip Shoes Are A Must in Hospo! Check Out Our Affordable Range!

Are you about to start working in the hospitality industry? If yes, you must be here checking out options for non-slip shoes. This footwear is a requirement for anyone working in this industry for their safety. Working in restaurants, cafes, hotels, resorts, and theme parks will constantly expose you to things that can hurt you. And since businesses don't want that, they require their workers to wear non-slip shoes.

Everflex non-slip shoes have protected countless hospitality workers with their excellent features. And the best part about the brand's collection is its affordability. With all the elements working together to keep you safe, the non-slip shoes would cost an arm and a leg. But they don't. The affordable price range and the brand's flexible payments will enable you to purchase now and pay in instalments later.

Discover what you gain from wearing Everflex slip-resistant footwear at your hospitality work. Before that, it's best to understand why you need them. If you're ready, let's start!


Why do hospitality workers need non-slip shoes?


Workers in the hospitality industry must provide service promptly, ensuring guests and customers are happy. But in their haste, they sometimes overlook their safety. They rush and deliver the food, unmindful that the floor has food and liquid spillage. Add to that oil, grease, and newly waxed floors. While we understand you all want to give the best service, you should wear Everflex non-slip shoes to protect yourself.

What are the things that can cause you to slip? It's essential to know what you're up against to understand the necessity of having non-slip shoes. 

Restaurant and café workers deal with wet and sticky floors. Food and liquid spillage and oil and grease can cause accidents, potentially causing an unfortunate domino effect. People traffic is another cause of falls. Without non-slip shoes, you can twist your feet and hurt yourself while manoeuvring around people, moving laterally, in a zigzag manner, or making sudden stops. 

Kitchen workers deal with scalding oil and grease, some of which will splash on you while others fall on the floor and cause you to slip. The proper footwear can save you from all of these. While not as often as the other slip causes, uneven or waxed floors and exposed wire can cause you to trip and slip. Walk confidently by wearing non-slip shoes with excellent grip. Protect yourself because prevention is always better than cure.


Why choose Everflex? 


Everflex non-slip shoes put together features that address most, if not all, of the causes of slip accidents. By wearing this footwear, you can spend your shift feeling cosy and come home in one piece. This footwear ensures your safety, which, in turn, also keeps your colleagues, guests, and customers safe. What makes the brand a cut above the rest where slip-resistant footwear is concerned?


1. Slip-resistant sole


The most prominent feature among all slip-resistant shoes is their slip-resistant sole. It is why hospitality workers remain safe against wet and sticky floors. With water, juice, and other beverages being the top culprits for slips and falls, the slip-resistant sole of Everflex non-slip shoes keeps you steady and stable. The grooves and treads let the fluids flow through instead of pooling underneath your shoe, keeping you safe. To check for them, flip the footwear and look for random shapes like circles, hexagons, and squiggles. These things create friction between the floor and footwear, keeping you stable.


2. Oil-resistant outsole


As mentioned, people working in kitchens risk slipping or getting hurt from splashing oil. The excellent thing about Everflex non-slip shoes is their oil-resistant outsole feature. Aside from ensuring you don't slip when walking on oil and other greasy materials, this feature protects your feet by preventing them from seeping through. 

Getting hurt from scalding oil will require time off from work and potentially cost you treatments. Save yourself the trouble with Everflex's affordable non-slip shoes!


3. Commercial-grade non-marking rubber outsole


Workers at hotels and theme parks can attest to the crowds that come through their lobbies and grounds, especially on holidays. Navigating through people's traffic can be tricky without help from non-slip shoes. The brand's slip-resistant work shoes have a feature you did not think you'd get. The commercial-grade non-marking rubber outsole in Everflex non-slip shoes ensures you remain injury-free while moving sideways and making quick direction changes.

If you're wondering how this feature works, observe players in indoor sports like badminton, volleyball, and basketball. Their sports-specific footwear also has this feature because it keeps them steady while they move all over the courts. Wearing your Everflex non-slip work shoes will provide the same protection when doing similar movements.


4. Heel impact cushioning for shock absorption and support


Hospitality workers spend a good part of their long shifts on their feet. When standing, walking, or moving for long hours, the feet experience pressure and impact, leading to discomfort, fatigue, and even injuries. With a pair of Everflex non-slip shoes, you get heel impact cushioning that absorbs the impact and supports the heels and arches. This feature is ideal for people who work in hospitality, increasing their overall comfort and productivity and reducing the chances of foot and back pain, which they usually deal with during and after the shift.


5. Flexible and padded innersole for all-day comfort


The flexible and padded innersole is an essential feature of Everflex non-slip shoes because it provides all-day comfort to the hospitality worker. Working in a fast-paced environment requires you to be on your feet all day, constantly on the move. This feature makes work more comfortable by allowing your feet to move naturally, reducing the risk of foot fatigue and strain, and reducing each step's impact. Protect yourself with Everflex non-slip shoes so that you can also serve others and be more productive.


Everflex is the Best for Hospitality Workers!


We are proud of our brand's durability and slip resistance, even compared to more expensive brands like Skechers and Shoes for Crews. Plus, our design will boost your self-confidence as you work.

Ensure a safe and cosy work shift with the help of Everflex non-slip shoes. Head to the nearest retail store or shop online to grab one now! Never wear them barefoot, so check out socks too!