Non-Slip School Shoes the Kids Will Love

Are you like other parents who constantly worry about their kids when they are out of their eyesight? We can't blame you. No parent wants to see their child coming home from school with scuffed knees and bleeding elbows.

But since you can't always be there to protect them, you can give them the next best thing, a pair of Everflex non-slip shoes to keep them from accidentally slipping and tripping.

While most academic school shoes provide the support and stability your child needs to keep up with rigorous activities, they have different features than slip-resistant school shoes have to keep them upright and steady on greasy and slippery surfaces.

In the cafeteria, kids tend to spill their drinks, whether water or juice boxes. This spillage is a hazard that can injure your child, sometimes permanently, if they are not wearing slip-resistant school shoes.

Another area prone to leaks and spills is the bathroom, which your child frequents. Even if warning signs prevent them from coming near these puddles, you never have complete control of the situation.

The best you can do is equip them with non-slip shoes they will love wearing in school.

The next question is, do you know where to find the best slip-resistant school shoes for them?

At Everflex, of course! Most slip-resistant school shoes are suitable for the hospitality and aged-care industries. However, you can still purchase them for your children to use at school. Please let our Everflex team describe our available non-slip shoes and why your kids love them. Then, if you're ready, let's start!


Girls Non-Slip Shoes

For women, two kinds of non-slip shoes are available in black: the slip-on and the lace-up styles.

The slip-on, the first non-slip shoes for women, is ideal as your child's school shoes because they are comfortable and perfect for active people. Your child will join many activities in class and run around the playground during breaks.

These non-slip shoes are sturdy and can tackle any terrain, which is ideal when your child is outside playing on soil and other surfaces. In addition, it has light padding on the sole, which provides the developing child's feet with the support they need.

The second type of slip-resistant school shoes are lace-ups that mimic the style of traditional kids' school shoes. This design caters to the needs of workers in the elderly care and hospitality industries by incorporating features that reduce the risk of slips and trips. For the same reason, you can rest assured that your kid will be safe if they wear these slip-resistant sneakers to class. 

Wearing these slip-resistant sneakers at school will provide the same safety for your kid.

Let's look at the characteristics that will keep your child safe from slipping in the cafeteria or the bathroom:


  • Slip-resistant sole.
  • Oil-resistant outsole.
  • Commercial grade non-marking rubber outsole.
  • Heel impact cushioning for shock absorption and support.
  • Flexible, padded and removable inner soles for long-lasting comfort.


From these characteristics alone, your child will love non-slip shoes because they will remain safe. Earlier, we mentioned that no parent wants to see their child come home with scuffed knees. We bet no child wants to, either.

They will love and care for anything that keeps them safe, so consider this when explaining to your child what non-slip shoes are and how this footwear will help them.


Boys Non-Slip School Shoes

For men, the only available style is lace-up. However, these non-slip shoes are also for aged care and hospitality industries, so they have the same features as the women's, preventing your child from slipping in the cafeteria or bathroom. Let's discuss each one so you will know the advantage they bring:


  • A slip-resistant sole has treads that prevent non-slip shoes from holding liquids like water and juice underneath. This feature will keep your kid from slipping.
  • The oil-resistant outsoles of slip-resistant school shoes keep children steady and upright even when there's grease and oil on the surfaces.
  • Having non-marking rubber outsoles will ensure that the non-slip shoes won't mark courts and allow for quick direction changes. Without this, sudden changes in direction during school and classroom activities can cause your child to slip.
  • Your kid will feel the difference that heel impact cushioning brings when walking, jumping and running around. Even while standing, it maintains its neutral position that helps support your body's natural curves and keep you in proper alignment because this feature of non-slip kids' school shoes absorbs shock and supports them. 
  • The flexible and padded innersoles in these slip-resistant school shoes can help control motion, stabilise the child's foot with arch pain and foot aches, and relieve strain, which provides the top-level comfort your young child deserves.


Getting your kid a pair of Everflex slip-resistant school shoes will improve their academic experience and provide parents like your peace of mind! These reasons are enough to make children love this footwear!


Accident Injuries for Children

While we do not want to alarm you, you need to know some of the accident injuries your child can get from not wearing Everflex non-slip shoes.


  • Lacerations are cuts or skin wounds which can get infected or cause permanent disfigurement.
  • Broken bones, like the wrist, ankle, and arm, may require surgery and might take a while to heal. In addition, this injury may need time to recuperate, affecting your child's education.
  • Trauma will inhibit your kid from participating in activities that led to their fall.
  • A traumatic brain injury is one of the worst injuries from accidental slips. Unfortunately, it can cause temporary or permanent disabilities.


These accidents can be costly, especially for treatment and recovery. So an excellent option is to get a pair of non-slip shoes from Everflex at an affordable price!


Ensure Your Child's Safety and Protection with supportive shoes! 

Everflex non-slip shoes bring only the best protection for your child. So say goodbye to accidental trips and falls. Instead, ensure their safety with our durable, affordable, and quality pairs with a range of brands, styles and sizes. Use our size guide to find the perfect fit and for your child's toes to have enough toe room.

Now your kid can say hello to serious wear with a firm grip and enough support for their spine. 

Charlotte Bodell, a podiatrist and spokesperson for the Australian Podiatry Association, has said, "A decent school shoe offers a stable home for immature bones."

Go to the Everflex online shop or the store closest to you and purchase a new pair of non-slip kids' school shoes for your kids, or buy multiple pairs. Use flexible payment options. Remember, prevention is better than cure!

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