Non-Slip School Shoes Is So Critical… Here's Why!

An active child who participates in activities within the classroom and the playground needs non-slip shoes to ensure they remain safe, steady, and comfortable throughout the day. 

You're likely wondering why they need non-slip shoes when their academic footwear from Everflex is equally effective in ensuring they have the grip to keep them steady on uneven surfaces and soft grounds.

You're correct in that aspect. However, there are health hazards inside the school grounds that your child needs extra protection from, something that non-slip shoes can provide. 

Areas where slipping accidents typically occur are in the cafeteria, bathroom, hallways, and staircases.

Your child frequents these areas, with constant exposure to spilt liquids (juice and water in the cafeteria, water in bathrooms), bags, books, school supplies, and people along the hallways and staircases. 

Without Everflex non-slip shoes, your child becomes easy prey to these hazards. Besides this, good footwear is available in a huge range of styles, including leather, lace-up styles, and trainers.

As parents, one of the worst things that could happen is getting an emergency phone call from the school to tell you something happened to your kid.

Non-slip shoes can help you sleep longer at night because they protect your child from broken bones and other injuries they can get from accidental slips.


Where do accidental slips usually happen in school?

We touched on the topic lightly earlier, but let's go into more detail. During recess and lunch break, your young one would likely be hanging out in the cafeteria, where all other students are also eating. 

If you know anyone in the food industry, you'll know they must wear non-slip shoes to prevent slips from constant encounters with spillage. 

Apply that same concept to the cafeteria. Only this time, younger children not wearing non-slip shoes are the potential victims.

The same goes for broken pipes and sinks in the bathroom. Even if warning signs are already present, boys and girls can sometimes overlook them and slip in haste. 

If they wear non-slip shoes, they'd appreciate the treads or grooves that let the fluid flow underneath the shoe, saving them from injuries.

Students flock to busy hallways and staircases as they make their way to their following classes. In your child's attempt to overtake people, dodging bags and books strewn on the floor, they could slip and fall. 

Lateral movements and quick direction changes can harm a kid not wearing non-slip shoes.

The Everflex brand of non-slip shoes has a commercial-grade non-marking rubber outsole feature, which may sound familiar if you play indoor sports like badminton and volleyball. 

This feature allows sports players to move laterally and change directions without slipping. 

If your kid is wearing Everflex non-slip shoes, they can confidently move around other students in hallways and staircases because they know the footwear protects them.


Why is it critical for my child to wear non-slip kid's school shoes?

We've mentioned the things your young one gets exposed to daily. But to drive the point further, the team at Everflex will share the different injuries your child can suffer from slipping accidents. 

Hospitalisation and treatments for these injuries are more costly than a pair of Everflex non-slip shoes that offer enough support. Let's look at the different scenarios.


1. Broken Bones

When your child is not wearing non-slip shoes in school, they are prone to foot aches. Broken bones usually happen on a child's toes. A child's hips, arms, legs, ribs, and wrists may also break when your child tries to break the fall and applies enough pressure or force on the bones.

Non-slip shoes could have prevented the fall and saved your kid from the painful and restrictive recovery process of bone fractures.

It will take time for your kid to fully recover; until then, he will need your support. In addition, your kid will need time off from school for a few months to recuperate, and you must care for them.


2. Sprained ankles or wrists

There's a tendency for people to prevent a fall from happening, whether by taking another step or putting their hands out to cushion the fall. But unfortunately, this movement can tear the ligaments in children's feet, ankles, wrists, and arms, giving them a sprain or strain. 

When your kid is not wearing their non-slip shoes, and an accident happens, they'll likely use their arms to lessen the impact.

While these injuries are not as severe as the others on this list, sprains or strains on a child's feet, ankles, wrists, or arms take time to heal. In addition, by not wearing supportive footwear, any injury to your child's foot can result in difficulty walking or doing things with their hands for the next few weeks.


3. Traumatic Brain Injuries

Skipping non-slip shoes can lead to severe and debilitating health risks, like a traumatic brain injury. Some believe it only happens when the head directly hits the ground or surface. 

But your child can experience a traumatic brain injury without hitting their head if their brain receives a sudden jolt from the fall.

It is more dangerous because you cannot tell the severity, and you wouldn't think your child's brain would have trauma because their head didn't hit anything.

However, if left untreated, it can cause secondary injuries. Wearing non-slip shoes to school could have prevented this.


4. Soft Tissue Injuries

While your kid is lucky not to have broken their bones during the fall, they could sustain injuries in other parts of the body, such as muscles, tendons, or ligaments, which are soft tissue injuries. 

It's sad that because your kid did not have non-slip shoes on, they had to experience symptoms like pain, bruising, swelling, or permanent tissue damage.


5. Paralysis

In extreme cases, your kid can incur a permanent injury from accidental slips. 

Without the treads and grooves of non-slip soles to create friction with the ground, your kid can fall and damage their spinal cord, permanently affecting their life. It's catastrophic to think they'd lose mobility.


Save Your Child—Purchase Everflex Kids' School Shoes!

Protect your child from the dangers of accident injuries by getting them non-slip shoes for school. Popular brands from other stores may be just as suitable, but when it comes to prices, we'll give them a run for their money! 

Everflex styles—for men or women—come in black, making them work correctly with uniform requirements. 

Head to the nearest store or the online shop to grab a pair of non-slip durable shoes with the perfect fit now! Please don't wait for an accident before you do something about it.