Non-slip School Shoes are so Important — Here's Why!

Do you need to invest in some new footwear for school & work? If you are nodding your head yes, you are in the right place. Here at Everflex, we pride ourselves on offering the perfect set of footwear for everyone to enjoy. We have styles for men, women, and kids. This tip makes our online store the one-stop destination. 


You will find that our range of non-slip shoes is suitable for work and education. Our non-slip school shoes are necessary for children to wear and can protect them throughout the day. This footwear style is the one that you will need to invest in for your child's next pair of kicks. 


If you are keen to discover our go-to tips and tricks on shopping for non-slip shoes, then keep on reading! 


1. Tread


When shopping for a new pair of non-slip shoes for school or work, we recommend keeping an eye out for the tread. This feature on your footwear will determine how supportive and protective your new kicks are. If you do not know what the tread looks like on a pair of non-slip shoes, do not fear because you are about to find out. 


To identify the tread, you must look for circles and hexagons on the sole of your footwear. These shapes act as barriers against any wet surfaces you may walk through during the day. 


The circular shapes and hexagons trap the liquid within the design so you can continue walking through the wet substance without slipping. In addition, you will find that non-slip shoes with good tread will keep you protected for longer. So why not try a pair of GRIP for your next pair of black school shoes and put the tread to the test?!

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Whenever you search for shoes, make sure it has these details to keep you protected, comfortable, and stylish at the same time.


2. Grooves


Your slip-resistant shoes will keep you protected throughout the day if they have plenty of grooves on the sole. Not sure what grooves on footwear is? Well, we have got you covered. Grooves on a pair of non-slip shoes appear on the sole of the footwear as indentations. These indents can easily let the wet substance pass through the bottom of your kicks. 


This process is super helpful and can ensure that you stay comfortable throughout your day of work or school.


Different grooves can get found on the sole of your footwear. We recommend finding large grooves in your next pair of non-slip shoes because they can be the most supportive footwear in your life. You will love wearing these non-slip work shoes for your next pair of kicks. 

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3. Fastening


You are right if you are looking for supportive, comfortable, and protective non-slip shoes. Our non-slip shoes offer good quality features to ensure you look and feel your best all day long. We recommend investing in a pair of non-slip shoes with a touch-fastening or lace-up ability. 


These two fastening methods are the most effective in keeping your feet safe and protected during school or work, just like heel straps in heels. If you fall over, you will stay protected with a pair of non-slip shoes on your feet with touch-fastening or lace-up fastening. No one likes to fall over and lose their footwear in the process. 


This tip is why we highly recommend that you invest in a pair of kids' school shoes for your child with solid fastening methods. You will lose your footwear if you invest in side-on kicks. So take this as a sign to invest in these black shoes, trainers, or canvas and ditch your old New Balance.


4. Material on sole


Did you know that the sole plays a factor in the protection levels of your non-slip shoes? If you are shaking your head no, well, now you do! The material on the bottom of your non-slip shoes plays a part in keeping you safe and protected throughout the day. 


If you want the ultimate level of protection, you should invest in some hard rubber, non-slip shoes. You will find that this material is super supportive on your feet and can ensure that you have a low risk of any accidents occurring. 


If you get your hands on a pair of soft-rubber non-slip shoes, you have a higher chance of slipping. When you walk across the floor with wet substances, the hard-rubber sole will easily grip the floor. However, you will find that soft rubber will struggle to grip the floor and cause you to fall over. 


Avoid any problems and invest in some non-slip shoes with hard-rubber soles today! 




When you shop for non-slip shoes, we recommend investing in some footwear accessories. You will find that these are super beneficial and can ensure you look and feel your very best all day long. 


Our collection of footwear accessories will become a necessity in your life. We love what footwear accessories can do for your set of non-slip shoes. In addition, we recommend investing in some innersoles for your next pair of kicks. These sit on the inside of your fo0otwear and instantly give your feet a comfort boost. 


This tip will be a game-changer in your life. If you get your hands on some lace-up non-slip shoes, you will love what a set of backup laces can do for you. If you have a fall and your laces get torn up, you will find that your backup laces will come in handy. 


If you require footwear to look as good as new, we recommend getting your hands on some polish. You will find that this product can add an instant shine to your footwear, which is perfect for you to wear to school or work. The instant shine spray or polish will be your new favourite product. 


Your non-slip shoes will instantly look brand new once you spray some polish over the top. You will be good to go with these accessories in your life.


Have you found the perfect selection of non-slip shoes?


We know that our range of tips when shopping for some non-slip shoes is super helpful. You will find the perfect pair of kicks right here with us. Head to the Everflex website today and treat yourself to a new pair of non-slip school shoes ASAP! 

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