Non-Slip Is So Important in a School and Work Shoe… Here’s Why!

Fewer injuries could happen in the workplace and classroom if more people wore non-slip shoes. Furthermore, these workspaces frequently handle liquids and have slick, oily surfaces.

These are the primary reasons workers wearing this footwear will likely work in the food, hospitality, and healthcare industries.

As for students, wearing non-slip shoes is equally crucial because they deal with areas prone to slipping accidents, such as the cafeteria and bathrooms, where spilt juices, water, and broken pipes are the main culprits.

Even if you put up signs telling students to be careful of wet surfaces, someone will likely trip over them.

With all this said, you’re likely looking for more reasons to get a pair of non-slip shoes for school or work. So, our team at Everflex will oblige.

Knowing how this footwear can protect you and those around you from injuries that may occasionally be deadly or permanently disabling is the best feeling in the world.

The severity ranges from broken bones to paralysis, and we hope this can persuade you to purchase a set of Everflex slip resistant shoes.


1. Minimises Accidents

The workplace and the classroom are likely to have wet or oily surfaces. Likewise, damp and oily floors are typical in the workplace and the classroom.

Purchasing a pair of this shoe is more affordable than paying for hospital bills. But, more than the issue of money, people can get severe injuries.

These injuries can keep you away from work and school for long periods. Let’s look at some of the injuries you can get from accidental slips and trips, which wearing slip resistant shoes can prevent.

  • Broken bones happen when your bones receive more pressure than they can withstand. Without slip resistant shoes, you can get broken bones from the fall, with hip, wrist, and ankle fractures being the most common.
  • Soft tissue injuries are only noticeable days or weeks after the original fall. Therefore, you can avoid common injuries like minor ankle and wrist sprains and destructive tears in ligaments and tendons, which, if left untreated, can lead to persistent discomfort by donning slip resistant shoes.
  • Brain injuries include minor concussions, bruises, skull fractures, and hematomas. Non-slip shoes can protect you from this debilitating injury, affecting your quality of life via seizures or loss of bodily control.
  • Back and spinal cord injuries are severe, for they can cause significant pain and limited mobility. Unfortunately, you can get paralysed or die without slip resistant shoes.
  • Shoulder, neck, or knee injuries usually require surgery to treat. Not wearing slip resistant can lead to disastrous results.


2. Resists oil

If you read through the features required from a pair of slip resistant shoes, you’ll notice the term "oil-resistant," which is how you save your feet from hot cooking oils in the kitchen. 

While students won’t likely meet oil spills in school unless they’re cooking, it’s good to know that this footwear can save your feet from oil sinking into the material.

Shoes that don't slip and are resistant to oil have thicker materials that keep your feet from getting burned by hot oil splashes. But, again, burns are severe, and healing would require you to take some time off work (or school), which may affect your performance.


3. Peace of Mind

The third reason is for the wearer and their loved ones. For instance, parents constantly worry about their children, especially when they are at school and out of sight. 

Imagine the horror if you’re the parent or loved one that the hospital needs to call to inform them of the accident. With slip resistant shoes, parents can relax, knowing their child is safe from accidental slips.

Working in the food, healthcare, and hospitality industries is difficult because you must juggle different tasks quickly. In addition, you must move swiftly, sometimes running from one place to another. 

Wearing slip resistant shoes will protect you and your co-workers and give all of you the peace of mind to perform your best in your jobs. As the wearer, you wake up each day comforted, knowing you are far from harm’s way with the help of slip resistant shoes.


Features of Everflex Non-Slip Shoes

After discovering why wearing slip resistant shoes is essential, let’s look at the features of a pair from Everflex. Knowing these things can help convince you that this footwear has nothing but your safety as its priority.

The Everflex non-slip shoes for men and women working in the industries we mentioned have these standard features:

  • Slip-resistant outsoles. The outsoles have treads, which appear in the design as shapes like squiggles, circles, or hexagons. Teese , which makes non-slip shoes grip the floor and offer more traction without collecting liquids underneath. 

In addition, it ensures that fluids such as water and juice pass through the sole instead of staying there, which is the leading cause of accidental slips.

  • Oil-resistant outsole. As mentioned, an oil-resistant outsole prevents hot oil from seeping through the slip resistant shoes, protecting your feet from getting burned.
  • Commercial grade non-marking rubber outsole. This rubber outsole offers maximum friction without leaving marks on the floor that can damage them. It’s usually for sports that require sudden lateral movements to keep players steady. 

In the same way, non-slip work shoes with this outsole will keep you steady as you make swift direction changes when working or in school.

  • Heel impact cushioning for shock absorption and support. This feature in non-slip shoes helps by absorbing impact during activities you perform at work or school. 

For instance, you need it to support other patients in an elderly care facility who are carrying weights heavier than yours.

  • A flexible and padded innersole for all-day comfort will let you do your job or schoolwork comfortably. Standing, walking, rushing, and running for long periods can take a toll on your feet and strain them.


Protect Yourself With Non Slip Work Shoes!

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