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Kids' school shoes are a big part of making sure your child is comfortable and well-supported while they do their schoolwork. Parents need to get the best new academic footwear for their children.

And you don't need to look far because Everflex has all kinds of kids' school shoes you need: leather, vegan-friendly, boys, girls, unisex—name it, and Everflex has it.

You must get your child's measurements and find school shoes that fit them correctly. Do you know how to get their size? There are several ways to get them and ensure your child has the most comfortable shoes.

Allow our fit experts in selected locations to step in and help you. We'll discuss the features you need and the styles available for your selection. Please read on to learn more!


What do you need to check?

When buying kids' shoes, you need to know some features. These features ensure your child remains comfortable and supported all day, especially since they wear this footwear for almost 7 hours. Let's get through them:


1. Comfortable

Whether young or adult, we all need comfortable footwear. Finding kids' shoes that fit the bill means they can get on with their day without distraction. To ensure they are comfortable, get the correct size of footwear. It involves checking the length and width of each foot separately.

You're lucky if the store has trained staff to do it for you. Whoever gets the measurements, ensure you get them done in the afternoon. Their kids' shoes must accommodate the swelling of the feet after doing activities like standing, walking, and running.

Ensure the kids' shoes have a firm heel counter to protect your child's Achilles tendon. Press the heel counter on both sides, and it shouldn't collapse.


2. Durable

We know how active children can get, especially if they have their friends with them, so they need kids' shoes that are tough to withstand all sorts of activities. To check, look at the soles and gauge their flexibility. Pick up the kids' shoes and try to bend the front by pushing the toe part upwards.

You want it to bend only up to the ball of the foot; anything further is not good. The kids' school shoes should mimic the natural movement of your child's feet.

The material of the kids' school shoes plays a massive role in their durability. Everflex uses leather or is vegan-friendly. Each has its pros. For instance, leather kids' shoes are more durable. Animal skins undergo a rigorous process to create lightweight, breathable, and durable footwear.

On the one hand, vegan-friendly kids' school shoes are good for the environment. More people nowadays are looking for sustainable fashion, so if you are one of them, choose this material.

Vegan-friendly footwear leaves a minimal carbon footprint and does not use animals in its production.


3. Adjustable

Adjustable kids' school shoes are essential for supporting your child's developing feet. Fastenings like buckles, touch-fastening straps, and laces make it easier for your child to get their foot into the shoe. 

These fastenings help provide the kids' school shoes with a snug, comfortable fit that reduces heel slippage. Let's look at the Everflex fastenings and the footwear style that uses them.


Touch-fastening Straps

Touch-fastening straps, called hook and loop, use two nylon strips that lock together when pressed. Early learners prefer to use this fastening because it's straightforward for them. If your child's skill level does not correspond with this fastener, you can consider the Mary Janes and double-straps, which are unisex.

The Mary Janes are timeless girls' school shoes that have worked correctly as a uniform staple since they first came out. They cling to your child's feet via a single touch-fastening strap across the top of the foot. 

Wide toe boxes give your child enough room to wiggle their toes, which improves their balance and foot development. Thanks to the rounded-toe design of these kids' school shoes, your daughter will feel the utmost comfort.

Meanwhile, double-strapped kids' shoes for boys and girls use two touch-fastening straps. Unlike Mary Janes, which have an open-top design, double straps cover the entire foot. These kids' school shoes have supportive soles that provide a grip to keep them steady while they play.



A buckle is a flat frame with a hinged pin that locks into one of the holes in the other strap. Your child's fine motor skills, hand muscles, and ability to solve problems will all benefit from school shoes with this kind of closure. 

The Everflex style that uses this fastening is the T-Bar. The T-Bar is a style of girls' school shoes that looks like Mary Janes. The only difference is that the straps form a T over the foot.

Your child will love the breathability in this footwear because the geometric laser-cut cut-outs serve a dual purpose: decoration and an entryway for air to circulate.



Children who use kids' school shoes with laces have more advanced skills in tying laces. It is the only fastening independent of footwear. Put them through two rows of eyelets, and remove them when you must clean or replace them. Replacement laces are available at Everflex if you need some.

A lace-up kid's school shoe gives your child control over how tight or loose they want the fit of their footwear. It is hard-wearing kids' school shoes disguised as a classroom classic. Although it covers the whole foot, the leather material allows air to come in, keeping their feet fresh all day.


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