Matching School Shoes To Uniform

Which girls’ school shoes work best with different uniforms? Everflex will help you answer that question today! All of our gorgeous styles are trans-seasonal and suitable for any point of the year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t pick our favourites! Do you want to hear our recommendations for girls’ school shoes? 


What sort of uniforms do you need to consider? 


Most kids will have three uniforms during their years of education: a summer one, a winter outfit, and their sports uniform. Luckily for you, Everflex has an excellent assortment of girls’ school shoes that can suit all three of these variations. Today, we’ll go through each of the designs that we recommend with different uniforms. By the time you’ve finished reading this article, you will know which girls’ school shoes Everflex thinks will work as the ideal match! Now, let’s get started!


Pair up our sneakers and trainers with your kids’ sports uniform! 


This selection is pretty straightforward. Your kids need girls’ school shoes with the most supportive design, best grip, and shock-absorbing features for physical activities. As such, our sneakers and trainers are a no-brainer to wear with their sports uniform. To ensure that your child’s activewear will be an A+ with their dress code, we’ve refined our trainers to have all-black and all-white finishes. So, the teachers are sure to be happy with these girls’ school shoes too! 


We recommend traditional girls’ school shoes with winter uniforms!


You can’t go wrong with classic classroom designs, but these work wonderfully in winter and autumn. During cold weather, students will be glad to have girls’ school shoes that cover their feet fully and block out the cold. Similarly, during storms and rainy weather, they won’t need to worry about wet feet! To be more specific, we think that the prime Everflex pick with a winter uniform would be synthetic girls’ school shoes. While leather ones are great, artificial styles are the easiest to clean and have the best water resistance, which will come in handy during wintery weather periods. 


What are the best girls’ school shoes for a summer uniform?


 During spring and summer, kids switch over to a more lightweight and breezy uniform. Why not let your girls’ school shoes follow the same trend? In our collection, we have a bunch of Mary-Jane sandals that would work beautifully during the warmer months. With their geometric cut-outs and half-open top, girls’ school shoes in this design have excellent airflow. Kids won’t get hot or sweaty feet when they wear these styles, even if they have thick socks! 


Consult the dress code before buying any alternative designs!


There are very few places that won't allow kids to wear Mary-Jane girls’ school shoes. After all, these have the same baseline shape as our classic designs, they have enclosed toes, and they keep uniforms looking formal. However, there may be rules around whether or not students are allowed to wear sandal-style girls’ school shoes with socks or stockings (or without either).

And, in the rare care that your kids aren’t permitted to wear Mary-Jane sandals whatsoever, you don’t want to find that out after you’ve already bought them. While Everflex has fast and easy returns, refunds, and exchanges, it’s still a needless hassle to get another pair of girls’ school shoes! Double-check which styles the administration will allow your children to have, and then you can shop for styles confidently at Everflex

Who’s ready to have a search through girls’ school shoes?

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