Looking for Safe, Non-Slip Shoes? We Have You Covered!

Do you need to invest in a pair of safe non-slip shoes? Do not fear because the team here at Everflex have got you sorted. We know the ins and outs of looking for the perfect pair of non-slip shoes. There is a range of things to consider before buying a pair of non-slip shoes. 


We know you want to find the perfect pair of kicks that can keep you protected and safe during a day of work or school. You will feel super comfortable in these non-slip shoes. Thanks to these kicks and their non-slip features, it will feel like you have superpowers. 


So, if you are keen to check out our range of footwear that is sure to keep you protected all day long, then keep on reading. We can guarantee that you will find the right pair for you. 


1. Look for Tread


When looking for a new pair of safe non-slip shoes, it is necessary to look at the tread. The tread can indicate how safe the pair of kicks are and if they will protect your feet against slipping on wet surfaces. 


The best way to check the tread is to look at the bottom of the footwear. On a pair of non-slip shoes, you will see plenty of circles and hexagons printed underneath. If you see these shapes on the bottom of the footwear, then they are a great pair of non-slip shoes to invest in. 


The variety of shapes can keep out any wet substances prone to making you slip over. If the pair of kicks do not have any shapes printed underneath, they are not a pair of non-slip shoes. The tread is super necessary to have on a set of slip resistant shoes because it can help you not fall over on wet substances. These kicks will surely keep your feet safe and secure. 


2. Need Grooves 


If you are looking at buying a new pair of non-slip shoes, it is best to check if they have a good number of grooves. You can find these on the sole of the kicks, and they are a good thing to look for if you are unsure of what type of footwear to invest in. When buying a new pair of non-slip shoes, you will notice that the sole features a range of grooves. 


If you are unsure of what grooves are, do not fear. We have got you sorted! Grooves are indentations along the base of the footwear that can help to keep substances out of the footwear and help you not slip over. If the pair of kicks do not have any grooves on the sole, these are not non-slip shoes. 


You will find that the grooves push the wet substance through the footwear rather than getting trapped underneath and causing you to slip over. You will find that a set of non-slip shoes with plenty of grooves are the most helpful. 


3. Thick Rubber Soles


When you look for a new pair of non-slip shoes, you will find that they are most supportive when they have a thick rubber sole. In addition, the thickness can help with your balance, so if you find yourself walking over a wet substance and get the feeling that you may slip, you should be alright, thanks to the thickness level. 


The material that the pair of non-slip shoes are made out of will work best if they are made out of rubber. This material sticks to the ground with ease, so you will find yourself safe and protected more often than not in a pair of these non-slip shoes. 


4. Trusted Fastening Methods


A good pair of non-slip shoes will also feature a secure and trusting fastening method. In addition, you will find that a set of laces on your non-slip shoes is very beneficial. Laces are perfect to have on your footwear because they can keep your foot secure all day long. 


This fastening method will help you avoid injuring yourself if you fall over. Another trusted method is a set of touch-fastening non-slip shoes. Touch-fastening kicks are trusted in children and adults. Your feet will stay feeling supported from morning until night in these non-slip shoes. 


The best thing about these non-slip kicks is that you can take them off easily at the end of a long day. In addition, the touch-fastening feature makes your life ten times easier. 


5. In-Store Test Drive


If you are still unsure of how trusted a pair of these non-slip shoes are, then you may have the opportunity to give them a test drive in-store. This tip can help you to decide if they are suitable for you. Ask the friendly team member if you can walk around the store whilst wearing a pair of non-slip shoes. 


You can tell straight away if these kicks are comfortable and supportive of your needs. If there is a wet substance on the floor, you can try walking over this to test how good the kicks are when faced with this challenge. 




When purchasing a new pair of non-slip work shoes, the one thing we recommend is to invest in some footwear accessories. These can help to keep your new pair of slip-on shoes in good condition and last longer. Also, if you love to wear a supportive set of non-slip shoes, why not try out our range of innersoles?  


These are perfect kicks because they help create a comfortable base for your foot. Innersoles are perfect to wear with your non-slip shoes if you want an extra layer of comfort. Of course, there is no harm in investing in extra laces and socks as well. 


These accessories are a must-have in your spare cupboard. You will never know when you need them most, so it is best to be prepared rather than not. You will thank us later! 


Found Your Favourite New Pair of Non-Slip Shoes


We hope that our helpful tips and tricks of what to look for when you buy a set of non-slip shoes come in handy. It can be super difficult to find the right pair of shoes, but we know how to make the process ten times easier. Visit our online shop and sign up for a new account to enjoy exclusive offers when you make your first order. So head to the Everflex website today to find out more!