Look Fresh and Presentable for the School Year With Our School Shoes!

Replace your old pair with our sophisticated kids’ school shoes! Is it time to throw out your worn-down set and get something new? Have your children grown out of their kids’ school shoes from last year? Well, Everflex has the perfect replacement waiting for you on our shelves! We’ve got an enormous array of traditional uniform designs, sneakers and trainers, sandals, and other kids’ school shoes for you to peruse. We’ll teach you all about keeping your child’s latest pair looking pristine in 2020! 

Why should students care about how they present themselves in the first place?

Learning how to maintain your appearance is an essential skill and one that people should learn early on in life. Keeping a uniform and kids’ school shoes looking neat will help students learn how to look presentable and professional, which is something they need to know for jobs in their adult lives. With this in mind, students need to take dress codes seriously. Teachers won’t hesitate to penalise children with scruffy uniforms and dirty kids’ school shoes. You don’t want your children to get caught out, so make sure that they always look their best before heading into the classroom! 

Your kids’ school shoes will stay shiny with a little help from our care accessories! 

While we would never say no to a new set (especially if they’re from Everflex), you shouldn’t be buying them if your child’s pair still fits. Everflex’s footwear care products will breathe life into the most run-down and defeated-looking kids’ school shoes. Don’t waste your money on a replacement when you can clean up the current pair instead! 

Our Instant Shine Sponge will improve every pair for the best! 

Are your kids’ school shoes looking dirty and worn-out? Scrub your tired old pair with Instant Shine, and watch the mess of the semester fall away! This sponge is built into the holder and works dry, which means that once you uncap it, you’re ready to go. You can scrub away dirty marks and bits of grime from your kids’ school shoes in seconds. Once you’ve finished with our sponge, your child’s pair will be smooth, clean, and glossy! The sponge is so simple and straightforward to use that you can leave your children to clean their kids’ school shoes with Instant Shine unsupervised. Not to mention, since this cleaner works on all materials and colours, you’ll be able to use it on all of your other footwear too! 

Are you looking for an alternative to messy polishes? 

Give our Dubbin a try, and your kids’ school shoes will look fresh and new in no time! This waxy product won’t stain your hands or clothing the way a typical polish would, so there’s no need to worry about that. Dubbin is a must-have for leather kids’ school shoes, as it seals, nourishes, and cleans the material with ease. However, our synthetic styles can also use a coating of Dubbin, which will leave them looking shiny and well-tended! Plus, both types of kids’ school shoes will benefit from the additional waterproofing! 

Were you interested in our Instant Shine cleaning accessory? Well, we highly recommend a fresh layer of Dubbin directly after cleaning your kids’ school shoes with the sponge! 

Swap out gross shoelaces!

At Everflex, we have emergency shoelaces ready to go! Our hard-wearing synthetic and leather kids’ school shoes survive harsh conditions and clean up easily afterwards. Unfortunately, shoelaces can be a casualty when mud and water get involved. Instead of leaving frayed, limp, and lifeless laces on your kids’ school shoes, grab some fresh ones from Everflex. You can clean out all the crevices in the material while you’re at it! 

Which accessories will you get for your kids’ school shoes?