Little Feet Grow So Quickly… Here’s How To Find Your Child’s Perfect Fit!

Are you having trouble keeping up with your child’s ever-growing feet?

Everflex has the solution! Our range of school shoes will help you find a flawless fit for students of all ages! The vast selection of sizes and designs stocked on our shelves should stop you and your kids from getting disappointed during your next shopping trip. Come and find school shoes that look and feel amazing!

Everflex has sizes and styles to suit any student

We stock styles for an age range that stretches from toddlers to adults, so everyone and anyone can find Everflex school shoes that satisfy them! You can find a replacement for a battered old pair quickly since each style has a range of size options. Otherwise, feel free to grab school shoes in the next size up and substitute a set that your kids have outgrown. 

Our different fastenings also make shopping for younger and older students more straightforward. The majority of our junior styles have touch-fastening straps, which are simpler for little kids to do up by themselves. Meanwhile, our laced school shoes are a classic fit for preteens and young adults. 

Test the fit yourself!

Most kids will be able to tell if their toes are getting squished by their school shoes, but this is still an effective way to check. Your child’s school shoes should have at least a thumb’s width (around a centimetre) between the tip of their toe and the end of their school shoes. Have your child stand and wiggle their toes while you press down on the top end to check. If the distance is too short, then it’s time to upgrade!

The other thing to check for with your child’s school shoes is whether or not they are too big. While shopping online makes it easy to check measurement information, there’s always a chance that you may need to go down a size. When you receive your school shoes, have your child try them on with their proper socks and walk around. Changing the fastenings (which could be laces, buckles, or straps) for a tighter or looser fit is not a challenge, but you should watch for any unusual movement. If the back of your kid’s school shoes are slipping as they walk, then we recommend that you exchange them for the next size down. Refunds and exchanges are fast and easy at Everflex when you follow the steps online! 

Do your kids need to follow a dress code? 

If your place of learning has a strict set of uniform rules and regulations, then our classic looks will be ideal. However, Everflex also has some other styles that might pique your interest. 

During the summer months, the best school shoes for your kids might be our sandals! For the girls, we have our Mary-Jane designs. These come with covered toes and cool laser cut-outs. Then, there are also our boys’ designs. These airy sandals have uncovered toes, so be sure that they meet the requirements for school shoes before sending them out onto the playground. After all, you don’t want to risk sidelining your child during playtime! 

Sneakers and trainers are also other options. While older students usually stay with their laced leather-look school shoes, sometimes younger students are permitted to wear sneakers. If your child loves sports or is particularly tough on their school shoes, then a set of sturdy sneakers might make their ideal pair! 

Find school shoes that fit perfectly at Everflex!

Get your kids ready to learn in style when you shop with us this season! Be sure with Everflex school shoes, and enjoy their excellent feel from day one!