Laces, Velcro And Buckles… Whatever You Prefer We’ve Got You Covered!


Choosing the right kind of kids’ school shoes doesn’t have to be a struggle! Let the Everflex team help you narrow down your choices for 2020 and get the best styles for your little students. Our collection hosts an expansive range of kids’ school shoes that will suit students of all ages and sizes. As well as offering sporty and classic styles, we also bring care and comfort accessories on the side. In short, you’re in good hands when you buy kids’ school shoes from us. Everflex has got everything you need to make your new pair look and feel fantastic. Now that introductions are out of the way, shall we move on and look at some kids’ school shoes? 




What are the benefits of touch-fastening styles?




You’ll find that the smallest of our kids’ school shoes tend to come with touch-fastening straps, and there are some pretty compelling reasons. Firstly, touch-fastening styles are perfect for children who can’t tie up their laces, because otherwise, you risk them tripping over loose ties and hurting themselves. Secondly, big tabs on kids’ school shoes are more straightforward for children to secure than buckles and laces too, especially if children need to do them up and can’t get help from an adult. Finally, you can also find every type of footwear that your little students could want with touch-fastening straps at Everflex! From trainers to timeless uniform styles, you can get kids’ school shoes with whatever you need. 




Who wouldn’t love a classic lace-up pair?




Lace-up kids’ school shoes are the go-to choice for most students, which should be no surprise! For a start, laced styles complete the picture-perfect uniform look and make children look more grown-up. Beyond that, the beauty of a lace-up kids’ school shoes is the fact that you can tweak the entire style to fit your child’s feet. Not foot shape is identical, and children with narrow or wide feet always benefit from footwear that can adjust accordingly. As before, Everflex also provides classic kids’ school shoes and sport-ready sneakers with laces. Shopping for the new semester will be a breeze! 




Buckle up and get stylish with Mary-Jane kids’ school shoes! 




Would your little ones love to sneak some fashionable footwear into the classroom? Say hello to our Mary-Janes sandals. These laser-cut kids’ school shoes are the trendy option in 2020. The partially-open designs enable airflow during spring and summer, but they’re also a prime pick for the winter months with socks or stockings in place. Since so many kids’ school shoes look the same (glossy, black, round-toed etc.), Mary-Jane sandals will shake things up and be a nice change of pace! 




Would your children prefer some little boots during autumn and winter?




Again, whether or not boots are allowed as kids’ school shoes will be up to the dress code. However, if your little ones get the go-ahead, there’s no reason say no! High-cut boots will provide plenty of coverage and protection during wet and wild conditions. As such, these kids’ school shoes are as well-suited to wintery weather as they are to play outside. Since boots are a less traditional look for the classroom, your children can get their fair share of use on the weekends as well! 




Which kids’ school shoes will you get for your children in 2020?




Our classic styles are always an excellent pick, but don’t be afraid to try some of our alternatives if you’re feeling inspired! Whichever ones you choose, we’re sure that your children will love their new Everflex pair. Jump online and start looking! The ideal kids’ school shoes are only an add-to-cart away!