Lace-Up, Buckle Up, Velcro… You Name It We’ve Got It!

No two students are the same, so why should their school shoes be identical? Kids have different needs, and at Everflex, we take pride in our ability to cater to our many customers. The expansive assortment of sizes and diverse designs in our collection provide ample options for students of all ages.


School shoes from Everflex come in all sorts of designs too, including our classic classroom styles, sporty sneakers, airy sandals, and more! It doesn’t matter if you have to follow strict or lax dress codes either, because there’s something on our shelves for everyone. After all, we’ve got school shoes galore at Everflex!


We have enough sizes to keep kids going


Each style of our school shoes comes with a broad spread of styles, so our range can keep up as kids grow. If you grab an Everflex style at the start of your child’s schooling career, we can see them through to their graduation easily! The collection stretches from our teeny-tiny Pre-Walker sizes to our adult-sized school shoes, so you can always find something perfect. 


Of course, if there is an issue with the fit, we can help you correct that too. Everflex’s innersoles (and other add-in foot care accessories) can reduce the space inside school shoes and fill gaps. The excellent cushioning that innersoles provide is a fantastic bonus underfoot as well. As you can see, we’ve thought of everything! Shop at Everflex, and you'll have a fabulous experience with your school shoes. 


What’s the appeal of touch-fastening styles?


School shoes with touch-fastening bands are typically for our smallest customers. Younger kids can sometimes take a while to learn how to tie shoelaces, and no one wants to see little kids tripping on the playground and getting hurt in the meantime. Luckily, touch-fastening straps rarely come undone during playtime, so that’s one less thing to worry about when you see them off in the morning!


However, if the bands on these school shoes do undo, then putting them back in place is a lot more straightforward than retying laces, and most kids will be able to do it without having to ask for help. 


Why are laces a good pick?


Our lace-up school shoes are a time-tested favourite for kids, and that’s not going to change anytime soon! Laced styles give students the freedom to adjust their footwear fully for the best fit. You can expect the best all-round comfort from these styles because you’re free to customise them, as you need. But don’t despair if you find unlacing and retying school shoes annoying. Most students fall into the habit of tying their school shoes up at the start of the semester and then sliding them on and off without touching their laces. 


What about buckled ones? 


Once again, Everflex creates school shoes that make it easy to alter the fit to your best comfort. Buckled designs are excellent because they’re less fiddly than laces and more secure than touch-fastening bands. But, to be honest, the highlight of buckled school shoes isn’t even the buckles— it’s the air circulation.


Our airy Mary-Jane styles are a popular pick for kids who hate getting hot and sweaty feet during spring and summer. While most of our Mary-Jane school shoes come in smaller, we also provide some bigger versions for older students. These almost-sandals have had a spike in popularity this season, so you can bet that we’re boosting the trend! 


Which of these school shoes screams perfection to you?


Visit us online today if you still aren’t sure. One proper look at our collection is all that you’ll need to fall head-over-heels for Everflex school shoes!