Kids School Shoes You Can Count On!

Forget about cheap styles that break in a few weeks! With Everflex’s best school shoes on their feet, students can feel confident in all of their lessons and activities. Students spend five action-packed days of the week in uniform for the majority of their year. If they don’t have school shoes that they can count on, then they’re going to be uncomfortable, distracted, or both! Luckily, Everflex styles are reliable ones! If you’re tired of school shoes that don’t go the distance, then you’ll appreciate the lengths we go to guarantee the best endurance. So, let us tell you a bit about our styles and the safeguards that Everflex has in place. We want to ensure that our customers are always satisfied with their new school shoes, and we can prove it! 

Your items get protected by our 100-Day Guarantee! 

We take the quality of our school shoes incredibly seriously. As such, we have a 100-Day Guarantee in place for all of our designs. Your new school shoes stay covered for 100 days after the original purchase date. If they reveal a fault during that time, then you can get an exchange or a refund. To put that in perspective, your child can put their new set through the works for over a term. If the school shoes fail during that period, then Everflex will fix them up with a sturdier replacement. After all, you should expect our excellent pairs to last until your children grow out of them! 

Our school shoes can keep up with growing kids 

There’s a lot that you can say about Everflex’s traditional designs. Not only can customers take their pick of our leather or synthetic versions, but they can also choose variations like our Mary-Jane sandals. We have an immense range of designs, so finding school shoes that take the fancy of your little student will be no trouble! However, the thing that our customers love most about our school shoes is the fact that they come in heaps of sizes. If you find a design that your children adore, then it will come in an impressive array of sizes. Remember the name, and as your child grows, you’ll be able to upgrade their much-loved school shoes to a bigger version without ever needing to change designs! 

Everflex’s sneakers and trainers can take on any challenge!

Your child will love our active school shoes! Sneakers and trainers from our collection are some of the best around. Built-in arch support helps absorb impact during fast-paced activities, and the grooved tread will stop sneakers from breaking stride on loose, wet, or slippery terrain. Indoors or outdoors, sneakers and trainers will do their best! Since our sporty school shoes come in black and white, you won’t have to worry about kids getting singled out by strict teachers. You’d be hard-pressed to find a dress code that wouldn’t allow our sneakers or trainers out to play! Also, we have school shoes like these in lace-up and touch-fastening versions, so you can trust them to be age-appropriate styles too! 

Do you want more from your child’s footwear this year?

Stop spending money on unreliable school shoes— come to Everflex instead! Our traditional and active footwear will always make the grade. Your new pair will enjoy a 100-Day Guarantee, so you know we’re confident about the quality of our styles. And, now that you know a bit more about our size range and the unique features we include in our school shoes, hopefully, you’re feeling more confident about us. Give Everflex a go this season. You’ll never regret buying our fabulous school shoes.