Kids’ School Shoes the Kids Will Enjoy Wearing

To find kids' school shoes that your kid will like and that will protect their feet and health, you need to know what they like and what features will work best. 

With young ones spending most of their day in their classes, including activities during lunch and other breaks, they must have footwear they will love and care for.

To do that, you must shop for kids' school shoes at Everflex, where you can guarantee getting your hands on excellent styles. Most children adore wearing their favourite fusion brands, which you can get from a brands shop. 

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Our team at Eveflex is here to provide you with all you need to know about excellent shoes. In addition, we will explain the mistakes parents typically make when buying them. So continue shopping to discover them.

Understanding why they are wrong can teach you what you need to do correctly. Read on, so we can start your shopping journey.


Mistake 1—Believing the Footwear will Work the Entire Year 

Parents and guardians commit the mistake of believing that one pair of school shoes is enough to last the entire academic year. Several factors will prove otherwise.

For starters, your youngster uses his or her school shoes daily. Considering all your child's activities in one day—running, jumping, standing, and walking—the footwear gets a beating. And while Everflex kids' school shoes are durable, they can still wear out. 

Second, your child's feet will get bigger until puberty, and growth spurts are common. Therefore, your kid may require replacement after three months or so.

If your child's school sneakers have reached the end of their useful life, they will no longer provide the necessary comfort and support. As a consequence of this, they will despise having to wear footwear.

That's why it's so important to recognise the symptoms that call for new footwear.

The best way to do that is to observe your child and how they react when you ask them to wear their footwear.

If they are showing resistance and keep removing their shoes, it can mean that the footwear is making them uncomfortable. Once they start crying, it's safe to say they no longer like it, and a replacement is due.


Mistake 2—Getting the Wrong Fit 

An essential aspect you must do correctly is getting your child's accurate size in kids' school shoes. The wrong ones can have serious repercussions that can affect their health until adulthood.

The footwear's fit is essential to giving your kid a comfortable and supported experience, especially when the bones at their feet are still fusing and developing. Most kids' school shoe brands have trained staff to assist you in getting your child's size. 

Your child's feet will swell throughout the day from their activities, so it's best to do your shopping in the afternoon or evening when their feet are at their largest. 

Kids' school shoes that are too small can result in pain and discomfort in the short term and long-term problems like bunions, which are permanent unless removed surgically. 

On the one hand, footwear that is too big can be a tripping hazard and might force your child to claw their toes to get a good grip.

The ideal pair of kids' school shoes have sufficient room for toes to wiggle, but not too much. The general rule is a measurement of 1 cm from the longest toe to the edge of the footwear.


Mistake 3—Buying Footwear Lacking the Essential Features

It's not enough that the kids' school shoes look good; they must have specific features that guarantee your child's feet get the support and protection they need. For example, you need to check for a firm heel with some padding that supports the ankle and heel. 

Check the kids' school shoes to see if they are firm by pressing on them.

Kids' school shoes should have fastenings to stay in place while your kid plays and moves around. The styles available at Everflex use three kinds of fasteners: touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces, which provide an adjustable fit.

Ensure the kids' school shoes have a wide toe box that will allow your child's toes to splay naturally. The best way to check this is to ask your kid to do the "wiggle test," indicating enough space for their toes to move around. 

Check for soles with good traction so your kid won't slip and fall when they encounter different surfaces. No kid will ever enjoy coming home with wounds and scuffs, so prevent that by ensuring the kids' school shoes are complete with the necessary features.


Mistake 4—Forgetting to Buy New Socks 

Socks are equally crucial as kids' school shoes because they protect your child's feet from directly rubbing into the footwear. Always remember that socks from the previous year may have worn off and need replacing. 

It would be best if you bought new socks from Everflex before shopping for new kids' school shoes so your kid can wear them as they try different styles. 

Doing so will give them an idea of how things will feel when they wear socks and footwear once the academic year officially starts.


Mistake 5—Not Bringing Your Child Along for Shopping 

Some parents want to finish the task quickly, so they prefer leaving their kids home when shopping for shoes. However, not bringing them along is a huge mistake since they need to be present for the following reasons:

  • When your kid is with you, the store's trained staff can do the measurements for you.
  • Your kid needs to try on the footwear and walk around the store, so they can immediately tell if it's the perfect fit.
  • Having your kid with you when shopping makes them feel involved. Allowing them to choose their kids' school shoes will make them enjoy wearing the footwear and take extra care of them.


Ensure Your Child Gets the Best Kids' School Shoes!

Knowing other parents' mistakes when shopping for their children's shoes will help you avoid the pitfalls. Getting the correct footwear they'll enjoy wearing will help them get through the academic demands in a breeze.

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