Kids School Shoes That Will Make Mornings a Little Easier!

Getting into kids’ school shoes has never been so easy! Preparing yourself ready for the day can be difficult enough, but when you’ve got to herd children out of the door at a respectable time too, it becomes even more challenging. Today, Everflex is going to talk through some ways that you can speed up the process and get your children into kids’ school shoes quicker! 

Touch-fastening kids’ school shoes are a breeze!


While students are still little and need to get the hang of tying up shoelaces, touch-fastening kids’ school shoes are the way to go. These thicker tabs are easier for young students to adjust independently because all they need to do is pull them up and then stick them down again.


With these simple bands, there is also no risk of your children tying themselves into impossible knots or getting hurt after tripping over their long and loose laces. With touch-fastening straps securing your kids’ school shoes, you can also be assured that they’ll be alright until you see them in the afternoon. 


On the off chance that their straps do come loose during the day, your child will be more than capable of fastening their kids’ school shoes without help from other students or teachers. 

Our buckled kids’ school shoes fit onto feet quickly too! 


If you’re looking at styles with buckled straps, then you are probably dealing with our Mary-Jane sandals. Kids’ school shoes in this look are a great pick for girls – we have a wide selection of footwear, so we can cater to younger and older students. Buckled fastenings are trickier than touch-fastening bands, but most children will still find them more straightforward than laces. 


Kids’ school shoes with buckled straps also offer more adjustment than stick-on straps, which means students can always customize their footwear for the best possible fit. If you want to make it easier to get your children dressed in the morning, then Mary-Jane styles are a good investment! Not to mention, kids’ school shoes are also a trendy option, thanks to geometric laser cut-outs and ultra-glossy material! 

So, how do you deal with lace-up styles?


Once your children have got the hang of tying shoelaces, typical kids’ school shoes don’t take much time to get on or off. For most teenagers, it should only take a minute or two. But, while your children are still young and need more time to loop up their kids’ school shoes, there are a few cheats you can use. It’s the same trick that a lot of people use with neckties.


The easiest thing to do is have them tie their laces once, then wiggle in and out of their pair without undoing them. It’s a bit lazy, but it will save some precious time in the morning! If you are going to have your children slide into kids’ school shoes, or spot them doing it, remind them to avoid creasing the back as they get their foot in as it can wear down the material over time. 

What are some other timesavers for kids’ school shoes? 


One of our favourite timesavers is to get your children to pack their sports bag the night before. If they’ve already put their uniform and sneakers into their bag and have it ready to go, they won’t waste time the next morning trying to find their socks or figure out where they left their kids’ school shoes.


Packing a bag might not seem like much, but it’s an easy way to reduce everyone’s stress and make the morning routine run more smoothly! Keeping your kids’ school shoes in a consistent place will help you avoid playing hide-and-seek when you’re already running late too, so keep that in mind.  

Good luck with your kids’ school shoes!