Kids' School Shoes Perfect for Every Season!

Providing your child with the best academic experience requires finding the perfect kids' school shoes for every season. Your priority is to give them the comfort they deserve, so the footwear must have qualities that make it suitable for all seasons.

It's essential to note that while all styles of Everflex school shoes are top-quality, some are more appropriate for specific seasons than others.

In addition, some types are more open than others, making them ideal for the warmer months. On the one hand, other styles provide more coverage and warmth, making them suitable for colder months.

So, to make it easier for you to decide, we will identify the perfect season for the style. We're calling our Everflex team to share more information about the available school shoes, detailing what makes each suitable for that season. If you're ready to dive into it, let's start!


Style 1—Pull-On Boots

Children and adults whip out their boots from the closet when the colder fall and winter months come in. In the same way, these school shoes for boys are ideal for these two seasons.

These pull-on boots provide complete coverage until the ankles, ensuring your child's feet remain toasty.

While these school shoes lack any form of fastening, they have elastic side gussets that expand to accommodate any foot shape. More importantly, it can fit your child's feet and two layers of socks if they need to double up for more warmth.

The leather of these school shoes provides insulation that keeps the heat inside. There must be no way for the cold to enter the footwear because once it does, it can enter your child's body via their feet, causing an illness like the flu.

One issue that worries parents during fall and winter is the wet and slippery grounds their children walk and play on. Thankfully, the pull-on school shoes have a grip on their soles to keep your child steady and stable as they go about their usual academic activities.


Style 2—Mary Janes

Mary Janes are school shoes for girls, suitable for summer and winter. This style has an open-top design with a single touch-fastening strap across the midfoot that holds the footwear in place.

Breathability is essential to keeping your daughter's feet dry from sweat and fresh all day. Because of the school shoes' open-top design, they are more appropriate for the warmer months.

However, some young girls still wear this style during the colder months by layering on some tights and socks for warmth.

These kids' school shoes are extra comfortable because of their rounded-toe design. This design does not squeeze your daughter's toes together, giving them enough space for toe wiggle room.

Ideally, any footwear, especially school shoes boys and girls will live in, should provide room for the toes to spread naturally, which can affect their balance and stability.


Style 3—Double Straps

These school shoes for boys and girls are suitable for all seasons. This style is like a chameleon that adjusts its protection depending on the season.

While they cover the entire foot, these school shoes use breathable leather. As a result, the footwear allows air to pass through and circulate inside, allowing sweat to escape.

Moreover, the same breathable leather material provides a way to keep the feet fresh during cold weather and keeps the feet insulated, too!

Finally, the two touch-fastening straps secure the school shoes, especially when your child navigates wet and slippery grounds during the colder months.

Having adjustability via the straps ensures that the footwear stays in place. Adjustability also allows your child to layer on socks when the weather is colder than usual. 

Meanwhile, the robust soles of these school shoes will keep your active children safe and steady as they play with friends on the playground all year.


Style 4—T-Bar

The fourth school shoes are like Mary Janes, except for the T formed by the straps over the instep and the buckle that fastens the footwear in place. 

This style is more appropriate for spring and summer's warmer months because of the open-top design and geometric laser cut-outs.

While the cut-outs add design to the school shoes, they also serve as an entryway for air to come in and keep your child's feet fresh all day. Moisture and sweat must escape because their prolonged stay can cause fungal and bacterial build-up, leading to a foul smell.

Aside from the buckle fastening, other cool features of these school shoes are their flexibility and grooved grip. 

As footwear needs to mimic the natural movement of your child's feet to provide adequate support, the shoe must be flexible where the foot naturally folds until the balls. 

If the school shoes' flexibility goes beyond that, do not get them, as these can impact your child's foot development.


Style 5—Lace-Up

Lace-up school shoes for boys and girls are ideal for all seasons of the year. Like the double-straps, this style covers the entire foot. But since these school shoes use leather material, they provide breathability and insulation suitable for all days of the year.

During cold months, your child can layer their socks for added warmth because the laces allow them to loosen the fit. Adjustability is essential in school shoes to ensure your child's all-day comfort.

The incredible thing about having laces as a fastening is that you can clean or replace them separately, unlike other styles where you must replace the entire pair of school shoes once the fastening breaks.


Style 6—Sneakers

These durable school shoes are necessary for all seasons since your child will likely do strenuous activities when they take sports or have PE classes.

Lightweight and flexible, this footwear will support your child's needs. In addition, the school shoes' padded heels will absorb shock from all the jumping, running, and hopping your child will do.


Find School Shoes Boys and Girls Will Love All Season!

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