Kids' School Shoes Perfect for Even the Fussiest Kids!

Getting your fussy child to wear their kids' school shoes is comparable to going into battle. Expect a back-and-forth of excuses your child will come up with to avoid wearing their academic footwear. The complaints get longer daily, and you are at your wit's end.

Thankfully, Everflex has heard all the excuses imaginable, so the brand can help you turn things around and get your child to wear kids' school shoes in peace. To solve this constant debate, you must first understand why it's difficult for your child to wear academic footwear. Discovering the underlying reason is the first step in finding the kids' school shoes that will satisfy the parents and children.

From there, we will investigate key features to look for and how your child can maximise it. While shopping for kids' school shoes is a lot of work, there's unparalleled satisfaction in finishing the task successfully. If you're ready, let's start!


Why are children fussy with their footwear?

Communication plays an integral role in identifying what makes your child fussy about their kids' school shoes. To start, here are some common reasons.


1. They are uncomfortable.

Anyone will complain if you make them wear footwear that hurts. Reasons can be because you got the wrong size of kids' school shoes, unaware of the dos and don'ts, or you got it right, but your child had a growth spurt. While both reasons are valid, your child cannot explicitly express their dislike for the footwear, so they start acting up when asked to wear them.


2. They want a different style.

Your child may have wanted a specific style of kids' school shoes, which is popular and considered "cool" in the classroom, but you overlooked asking them for their opinion. The wrong option can lower their self-confidence or, worse, classmates teasing them for wearing an uncool style.


What should you do?

Addressing these issues head-on will make your mornings easier. Here are a few ways to solve their fussiness about kids' school shoes.


1. Ensure a proper fit.

Take your child shopping with you. This way, they can try on the kids' school shoes and give immediate feedback. The timing is also critical, so schedule your shopping trip in the afternoon when their feet are at their maximum size. Their daily movement and activities contribute to the swelling of their feet, which you need to account for when ensuring the fit of the kids' school shoes.


2. Involve them in the process.

Having a voice will make them feel involved in choosing their kids' school shoes. Your child can pinpoint what they want since they know which option is popular among their peers. Let them choose a school shoe fitting shop, try it on, and walk around the store. Ask them about their shoes' fit, style, and overall feel. If it's a yes for them, expect that wearing them in the mornings will be a breeze.


What key features should you look for?

To ensure your child will love how the kids' school shoes look and feel, here are some features and characteristics to check out in the menu shop.


1. Adjustability

Fastenings serve a dual purpose in kids' school shoes. First, they provide adjustability, which gives your child control over the footwear's fit. Second, they secure the kids' school shoes so they won't come off accidentally.

Everflex offers three fastenings: touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces. Ask your child which one is easiest for them because they should know how to close their kids' school shoes independently.


2. Traction

If your child gets hurt while wearing kids' school shoes, expect them to stop wearing them. Ensure the footwear has gripping soles that can provide traction. Their kids' school shoes must have grooved soles that cause friction against various surfaces. Having them will guarantee your child can play and stay active safely.


3. Wide toe area

Tight kids' school shoes will rub your child's feet in the wrong places. It can be painful and cause health issues like blisters, calluses, and foot deformities that are permanent. Avoid this hassle by looking for kids' school shoes with a roomy toe area. It will allow your child's toes to spread naturally, which is excellent for their balance and stability. Most of the options at Everflex have round-toe designs that won't squeeze your child's toes together painfully.


Where to find excellent footwear

There is no need to look far away, as Everflex is the go-to brand for kids' school shoes, perfect for the fussiest children. Here are the reasons why parents love shopping at the brand.


1. Timeless and classic styles

As mentioned, the styles of kids' school shoes can impact your child's behaviour and way of relating to their peers. The classic styles will ensure that everyone loves what your child is wearing. Options include pull-on boots, Mary Jane, double straps, a T-Bar, lace-ups and sneakers for vigourous sports and PE classes. All these kids' school shoes have features that will keep your child comfortable, supported, and protected. Your child will have a great time choosing which option to get and will feel excited to wear them daily.


2. Reasonably priced

Most parents think an excellent pair of kids' school shoes will be expensive. It's time to squash that notion because the Everflex collection is affordable. The price range is available: $30 - $40, $40 - $50, and $50+.

Exceeding your budget will never happen when you shop for Everflex kids' school shoes because of the brand's flexible payment systems. You can budget your money and plan your expenses because they allow you to purchase now and pay in instalments later. You can further reduce the price if you shop online because Everflex has discount vouchers and coupons for online consumers.


3. Convenience

Find everything you need for your child at Everflex. You will save time and effort by buying kid's school shoes, socks, laces, and instant shine from this brand. Since it is back to school, you can shop for these items whenever and wherever possible. As one of the top online shopping sites, everything is available for browsing and buying 24/7. Also, our customer care team will guide you if you have a question; they are also working extended hours just for you. You can get the footwear at your doorstep without wasting time, money, or gas within days.


Address fussiness with Everflex!

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