Kids' School Shoes Need to Tick These Three Boxes

It’s time for students to switch on their thinking caps as a new academic year starts. Parents are searching for school shoes frantically, hoping to find the best one for their children. But how would they know which to get with so many choices left and right?

Stop stressing now because our team from Everflex is stepping in to make this task easier. While there are several things worth considering regarding school shoes, we narrowed it down to the essential ones.

There are three boxes that every pair of school shoes should tick, and we’re here to lay them down for you.

Each box covers several more points. The school shoes can provide your child with the necessary comfort and support if all three boxes are complete. But don’t worry; you’ll get the hang of it soon.

If this is your first time to shop, you’ll have several more years ahead of doing this task. Shall we begin?


1. Correct Size 

To make sure your child's school shoes work well, it's vital to get the right size. Footwear that is too big or too small can cause many problems in the short and long term. 

But, of course, we want to avoid that, so here are some essential tips to remember when shopping for school shoes and determining their size.

  • Bring your child when shopping for school shoes because brands typically have trained staff to measure your child’s feet. You can also opt to have a professional podiatrist do it.
  • Each foot is unique, even from the same person. Therefore, it’s critical to measure the length and width of each foot separately. The widest part of your child’s foot should correspond with the widest part of the school shoes.
  • You must leave enough space for toes to move freely, a 1cm space between the longest toe and the edge of the school shoes, and not more. 

If there is a big gap, your child's toes will have to claw, hurting their muscle development and making them trip or lose their balance.

  • Shop in the afternoon when your child’s feet are their largest size. Your child’s activities contribute to their swelling, which you must capture and consider when getting their school shoes. 

Not including this growth can cause discomfort and pain once their feet swell and start rubbing on the footwear’s edges.

  • Please remember that your child’s feet continually develop and can undergo growth spurts. Therefore, check their size every month because they might have outgrown their school shoes. 

You can also observe your child’s behaviour whenever they put on their footwear, as it can indicate if their footwear is bothering them.


2. Comfortable Fit  

Ill-fitting school shoes can have repercussions that can be more costly to repair. In addition, the fit will determine your child’s overall academic experience. 

In addition, it can affect the development of their feet and leg muscles and cause health injuries like bunions and hammertoes. Therefore, you must look for some things to ensure a comfortable fit.

  • Ensure the school shoes have a firm heel counter because they hold the foot in place. Check this by pressing into the back and the sides of the heel. It should not fold in any way. 
  • Flexibility is essential because the school shoes are extensions of your child’s foot. As such, the footwear must move naturally with the feet. To check, squeeze both ends of the school shoes together and see where it bends. 
  • It should only be flexible at the toes, as this is where the foot bends while walking. It should never twist in the middle.
  • Lightweight school shoes are vital because your kid does not need added weight when their leg muscles are still developing. Heavy footwear might force the muscles to exert more effort, affecting their growth. 
  • Besides, your kid is already carrying their bag and other things; they do not need the added weight.
  • As mentioned earlier, there must be enough room for the toes to splay naturally in the school shoes. It’s necessary to check if the footwear has a wide toe box. 
  • Usually, the rounded-toe designs fit the bill. Avoid pointy school shoes that squeeze your child’s toes, causing blisters, bunions, and other foot injuries.
  • A removable innersole is essential as some kids require more padding for their feet. You can remove it from the school shoes if your kiddoesn’t need it.
  • Check for breathability, so air can enter the school shoes and circulate to keep your child’s feet fresh all day. 

Without breathability, your kid is at risk of developing athlete’s foot, or worse, causing bacterial and fungal build-up that can lead to foul smell.


3. Appropriate Style 

The kind of school shoes your kid should wear must fit the needs of their feet and their independent skills regarding fastenings. For example, are they active children who need thicker soles? But first, let’s look at some essential guidelines about style.

  • Ensure that the school shoes they have are fit for their activities and lifestyle. For example, if they are into sports and have physically strenuous PE classes, it’s not enough for them to have regular footwear.

In this case, your kid needs trainers or sneakers, which are more supportive and absorb shock better than regular school shoes.

  • Fastenings are essential as they provide your kid with an adjustable and secure fit, ensuring they remain comfortable and that the school shoes stay in place. Everflex has three fastenings: touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces.

Each of these requires a level of independent skill that your kid must possess so they can open and close their school shoes without anyone’s help. 

  • Choose what kind of materials should the school shoes have—leather or vegan-friendly. It determines durability and breathability.


Choose the School Shoes Boys and Girls Deserve the Most! 

Now that you know the boxes you must check when buying school shoes, it’s time to start the search.

You can compare the styles of the Everflex brand with famous brands like Asics, Roc, Clarks, Nike, Harrison, Skechers and find that we tick the same boxes. 

However, when it comes to the price, you cant beat Everflex where you can find durable girls' and boys school shoes that will keep young feet covered and protected year-round! These many benefits await savvy customers like you!

Head to the nearest Everflex store or online shop to choose from our huge range of the best academic footwear for your kid. Sign up to receive updates on new arrivals for all ages from toddler to adult. Make a note to get them new sets of socks before checking out.