Kids' School Shoes Made Easy with Everflex!

Shopping for kids' school shoes is taxing because parents must check all the features to ensure their child's comfort. 

You go in and out of different stores, trying to find the one that ticks all of them. What if you learned that a brand of academic footwear prioritises your child's needs?

When you shop at Everflex, everything is easy. You don't have to worry about having the wrong pair because they provide for your child's needs. Choosing from any of the styles at Everflex will help you sleep better at night.

With Everflex, learning about the ins and outs of academic footwear is easy. Continue reading to find out more!


1. Everflex Ensures Your Kid Is Comfortable.

Comfort plays a massive role in your child's academic performance. When nothing is bothering them, they can give 100 per cent! But if they have an ill-fitting pair, expect the students to be grumpy, distracted, and underperforming. 

Because Everflex understands how critical comfort is, the brand ensures the collection of ' footwear checks these features:


  • The correct fit and size. Finding the right size can be difficult, especially if the kid has already seen the kids' school shoes they like but are not available in their size. Everflex footwear is in 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. 

Get your child's accurate size by measuring the length and width of each foot separately. Bring your kid to a professional to get more accurate results. Trained store staff or podiatrists can recommend the best footwear for your child's feet. 

Please remember that your kid should try on the footwear while wearing the socks they intend to wear with it.

  • Enough toe room for your kid. Most Everflex school shoes have round toes, ensuring enough space for your child's toes to spread naturally. Pointy toes are a no-no because the style squeezes their toes.

The constant rubbing can cause blisters and other health conditions that last until adulthood. Your kid can test this when they try on the footwear. 

Ask them if they can wiggle their toes comfortably, ensuring no footwear part rubs their feet in any way.

  • Make sure there’s room for growth. Parents should remember that their kid will experience growth spurts until puberty, so leave a 1cm gap between the tip of their longest toe and the kids' school shoes. 
  • Parents must check this space constantly to determine if their kid needs new footwear. Once the toes hit the front part, it's time to change them.
  • Adjustability in the fit. Most Everflex kids' school shoes are adjustable via fastenings. The brand uses touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces, which the students can control as needed. 

These fastenings require specific skills that can tighten the fit when necessary.


2. Everflex Ensures Your Kid Remains Supported.

Support is essential because various activities cause strain on your child's feet. The impact can be worrying when the kids' school shoes do not have the correct features. 

Stability plays a massive role in keeping your kid safe from accidental slips. Students constantly move around—when changing classrooms, playing on the playground, or joining class activities. 

Everflex ensures that the kids' school shoes can support your kid while they do their usual stuff. Here are the essential features:


  • Grip and traction.Thanks to the grooved soles, Everflex kids' school shoes can ensure your kid remains steady and upright, no matter the surface. Stability is critical to avoiding accidental slips that can cause fatal outcomes. 

Your kid can test this when they try on the kids' school shoes in-store. Ask them to walk around the room, especially on slippery floors, to check the effectiveness of the grooves. 

The treads create friction between the footwear and the surface, which keeps your kid stable.


  • Flexible to a certain extent. Everflex footwear mimics your child's natural gait when they move. The kids' school shoes are flexible up to the area of the feet that folds when they walk; the rest must be rigid.

To test this, pick the footwear up and twist it. It should not fold all the way.


3. Everflex Ensures The Footwear Lasts Longer.

Durability is essential because buying academic footwear that falls apart after a few hits with natural elements would be a waste. 

Children rely on their footwear daily for comfort, stability, and protection, so it must be durable to withstand wear and tear. What will happen to your kid if it breaks in the middle of gameplay?


Everflex kids' school shoes are durable because:

  • The materials used. The footwear uses leather or vegan-friendly material. Kids' school shoes can last through changing weather and other natural elements because of these two. 

More importantly, leather provides breathability and insulation, protecting your kid from heat and cold. It still boils down to how well Everflex kids' school shoes comfort your kid. 

Vegan-friendly materials are cruelty-free, meaning the production did not use animal products. Vegan-friendly kids' school shoes leave a minimal carbon footprint, which is excellent for the environment.


4. Everflex Is Budget-Friendly.

With bills to pay and all other expenses, parents must allocate funds for their kids' school shoes. Some parents prefer to buy second-hand footwear, thinking they can save money. 

However, the danger of buying used footwear is that the previous owner may pass on germs and diseases to your child. The money you supposedly saved will end up going to treatment.

Thankfully, Everflex produces quality kids' school shoes that do not break the bank. Why risk your child's health when you can get brand-new and excellent styles for a reasonable price? 

And Everflex makes it easier by providing flexible payment systems that allow you to purchase the kids' school shoes now and pay in installments later.

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Choose Easy, Choose Everflex Kids' School Shoes!

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