Kids School Shoes Everyone Will Want!

We’ve got the kids’ school shoes that everyone wants this season! Do you want the most celebrated styles for the lowest price? Well, you’d better stop and shop at Everflex! Down below, we'll be talking you through our top choices for 2020. Let’s have a chat about kids' school shoes, shall we?


Look the best with traditional kids’ school shoes!


Who could refuse a classic pair? At Everflex, the majority of our kids’ school shoes come with a glossy finish, rounded toes, and a sleek shape. However, you will find some variations in our collection. For a start, all the kids’ school shoes for our youngest customers come with touch-fastening bands. These bands are straightforward, secure, and most children master them quicker than laces. Our lace-up styles are equipped for the busy days of preteens and teenagers, and they’re archetypal kids’ school shoes.


What about some boots?


These boots come with elasticised side panels, so they can stretch to accommodate any child’s foot shape. Boots are the ultimate kids’ school shoes during winter and autumn, where the extra coverage provides ample protection from the elements. With these on their feet, no puddle is too big, no field is too muddy, and no playground is too slippery for children to have fun! In addition, these cute boots can get used as more than kids’ school shoes; they are a great footwear option for formal events and occasions too!


So, make sure that you don’t miss out! Grab some of our boots and let your children try these marvellous styles next semester.


Treat your children to our sneakers!


Sneakers are our sportiest kids’ school shoes, and they’re ideal for students who love to stay active! Our white and black sneakers comply with rigid uniform regulations too. Unlike with colourful styles (which can sometimes incur penalties from teachers), there shouldn’t be any nasty dress code surprises with these. The built-in support and fantastic grip on our sneakers and active kids’ school shoes allow for seamless motion during fast-paced activities. Sneakers will make PE classes and extra-curricular sports a breeze!


Give trainers a try too!


If your kids’ school shoes are allowed to be a little more casual, then our trainers could be a suitable match! These sleek and aerodynamic trainers are perfect for a full day of wear by the most energetic students. However, the glossy material and slender profile are reminiscent of traditional designs, so they’re the ultimate semi-formal kids’ school shoes. Footwear like this could match a sports uniform or classroom clothing, so versatility is a bonus too! At Everflex, we offer both touch-fastening and lace-up version of our trainers, so you can choose the kids’ school shoes that suit your little ones the best.


Mary-Jane sandals are a must-have!


These fashionable alternatives have become a leading favourite for kids’ school shoes this season. Usually, we class these buckled and touch-fastening styles as types for younger students. However, there has been a noticeable increase in interest from older girls following the year’s top trends. If you’re interested in our Mary-Jane kids’ school shoes, then we highly recommend that you try a set! Like our conventional styles, these sandals have excellent grip, which means students can move through the day with ease. Also, superior air circulation works wonders! Take home kids’ school shoes in this style, and your children won’t have to worry about sweaty feet.


Have we managed to convince you? 


If you’re still hungry for more information about our kids’ school shoes, then we recommend reading a few more articles. Otherwise, have a look at your full range of options on the Everflex website!