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Parents keep track of their budget and spending, especially with everything they need to buy for their children’s needs. To maintain their child’s top performance academically, parents need to ensure they have the best kids’ school shoes.

The question at the top of each parent’s mind is where to get affordable academic footwear without sacrificing quality.

Everflex is the answer.

At Everflex, you can access different school shoe styles that prioritise your child’s well-being. From comfort to support, you can rely on their footwear collection to keep your child stable and steady as they participate in all their activities.

Let’s call in the team from Everflex to give us a rundown of their kids’ school shoes, grouped according to those with fastenings and those without. If you’re wondering what fastenings are, let’s dive into them!


What are Fastenings?

In essence, fastenings are closures that keep the kids’ school shoes on your child’s feet. While countless kinds are available, Everflex uses three for its collection: touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces.

You need to ensure that their kids’ school shoes have any of these so that they’ll have a comfortable and adjustable fit.


1. Touch-fastening straps

The touch-fastening straps are the first kind of fastening for kids’ school shoes. The strength of this closure relies on the adhesion between two nylon strips made of hooks and loops.

Locking kids’ school shoes with this fastener would require your child’s ability to press together two strips. Then, they would need force to pry the strips apart to open the footwear.

Some things you need to know about kids’ school shoes with touch-fastening straps include:

  • A limited number of times that you can close and open the straps. Once they’ve reached their limit, the touch-fastening straps will lose adhesion and render the kids’ school shoes unusable. Replace it immediately.
  • The strips attract dirt, which easily attaches to them and makes them lose their holding strength. There are ways to remove the dirt, like tweezers or duct tape.
  • In pulling the touch-fastening straps apart, you will hear a distinct loud noise. Some people get turned off by the sound of opening these kids’ school shoes.
  • The strips easily attach to different materials and can destroy them.


2. Buckles

When using a buckle, your child must demonstrate more skill to ensure the strap goes through the pin and locks into place. 

However, this type of closure is highly desirable in children's school shoes since it helps children develop fine motor skills, including muscle control, balance, and problem-solving.

Some things you need to know about kids’ school shoes with buckles include:

  • They do not come undone easily. However, in cases of emergency, where your kid needs to remove their kids’ school shoes quickly, it might take them longer to do so.
  • Adjustability is limited to the number of holes available in the straps. However, you can bring the kids’ school shoes to the cobbler and request that they add more holes.
  • The distance between the holes determines the fit. For example, one may be too tight, while the next loose. As such, there’s no middle ground.


3. Laces

Laces are strips that go through two rows of eyelets on the footwear, providing an adjustable and comfortable snug fit. Children with advanced skills in independent lace-tying can choose kids’ academic shoes with this fastening. 

In addition, your kids can hone their creative skills as there are multiple ways to lace their footwear.

Some things you need to know about footwear with laces include:

  • Laces are the only fastening independent of the kids’ school shoes. So once they get dirty or worn, you can easily replace or wash them separately.
  • Laces get undone easily, so there’s a risk that your young ones can trip on their kid's school shoes.


Everflex Styles

The most cost-effective way to ensure your child gets the best academic experience is to get them affordable kids’ school shoes from Everflex. Here are the styles:


Without Fastening

Everflex has one style without a fastener: the pull-on ankle boots for boys. These kids’ academic shoes are best for your son in winter, providing warmth and coverage until the ankles.

While there’s no fastening, the pull-on boots have elastic side gussets that expand to accommodate any foot shape. As a result, they provide the kids' academic shoes with a snug, comfortable fit.


With Fastening

1. Mary Janes

These girls’ school shoes have a single touch-fastening strap across the foot to keep them in place. In addition, the rounded toe design gives your daughter enough toe wiggle room for comfort and balance.


2. Double Straps

From the name, this unisex academic footwear employs two-touch fastening straps to keep the footwear in place. In addition, the leather provides breathability, keeping their feet fresh and dry all day.


3. T-Bar

These academic shoes for girls are similar in form to Mary Janes, except that the straps form a T over the instep. This style uses buckle fastening and provides breathability and comfort via the geometric laser cut-outs, which also serve as design.


4. Lace-Ups

This unisex academic footwear uses laces as its fastening. While it covers the entire foot, the leather material circulates air within the footwear. More importantly, this style has treads that provide grip and friction to keep your children steady during play.


5. Sneakers 

Your kid needs supportive footwear that will keep your child's feet covered and protected during more strenuous activities like sports and physical education (PE) classes. Get them unisex sneakers that use laces as fastenings to keep them comfortable.


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