Kids School Shoes: A Parent Guide!


Are you looking to get some help with school shoes this season? Everflex can offer you some solid advice and some excellent tips and tricks for 2020! Do you want to learn all of the ins-and-outs? Well, keep on reading! 




Which type of school shoes are the right ones for your children?




Let’s start with fastenings, shall we? The two leading types at Everflex are lace-up school shoes and ones with touch-fastenings straps. If you’re shopping for a young child or one that doesn’t know how to tie shoelaces up without help, then touch-fastening styles are a perfect choice. Parents who are looking for older children would be better of picking buckled or lace-up school shoes instead. 


Secondly, consider what sort of activities your kids take part in during the week. For instance, you’ll want to devote some time to finding Everflex school shoes with excellent support and comfort if your children have long days and lots of extracurricular activities during the week. Similarly, if your kids have sports in the afternoons, then be sure that you remember to look at our sneakers and trainers too! 




Want to learn how to test the fit of your kids’ school shoes?




We’ll teach you the steps right now! When your new Everflex school shoes get delivered, have your child put them on wearing their uniform socks (or tights/stockings). Have them stand up and adjust the straps, buckles, or laces until the style feels secure and comfortable. 


To make sure that your child has enough room inside their school shoes, press down on the end of the style and feel for their longest toe. Ideally, there should be about a centimetre between their toe and edge of the material. You don’t want school shoes that give your kids sore feet because their toes are crammed right to the end, after all! 


Once you’ve confirmed that there is enough space inside your child’s new pair, it’s time to check that there isn’t too much room. Ask your child to walk around the room in their school shoes. Make sure that their pair isn’t slipping at the back or folding over at the toes. You must get the right size for your children because kids tend to trip and stumble in oversized school shoes, and they also pose a blister risk. 




Do your kids to grow into their school shoes?




Grab some of our care accessories this season, and you can improve the fit of your child’s too-big pair in seconds! These care items are a popular pick with parents who buy oversized school shoes that their kids can grow into because innersoles can fill the extra space until kids finally hit their awaited growth spurt. In the meantime, students get an additional layer of padding that will improve the comfort and support of their school shoes exponentially! 


If the sizing issue is only minor, then some of our half innersoles or heel grips will pull off this trick just as effectively. Also, as little feet grow and fill in school shoes, you can swap out full-sized innersoles for something smaller. Play around with a few different inserts until your children feel secure and comfy in their pair. 




Start searching for new school shoes today! 




Shopping for styles online has never been so easy. Sticking to your budget will be a breeze because Everflex has affordable prices and flexible payment options like Afterpay and Zip. Since we offer standard or express delivery, you can also get your school shoes as soon as you need them at any point in the year! There’s no reason to shop anywhere else, so jump online and browse the Everflex collection.