Kids' School Shoe Styles that Won't Break the Bank

It's the start of another academic year. Parents and guardians rush to prepare their children and their needs, including a pair of school shoes.


The right pair of school shoes is essential because your child spends almost 30 hours per week in a learning institution, where they need to be 100%.


If their kids' school shoes are uncomfortable, the child will experience pain and discomfort that will distract them from performing well.


But besides comfort, affordability is the next most important thing to look for in your child's footwear. A pair of kids' school shoes must not break the bank! Instead, shoes can be inexpensive, still function, and last longer.


Buyers are just shopping at the wrong place because if they buy kids' school shoes from Everflex, they'll know they are comfortable, stylish, and, more importantly, reasonably priced.


Several Everflex styles are available, which our team will explain in detail. 


Read on for a crash course on the styles that won't break the bank!


Style 1—T-Bar


Girls with higher insteps prefer these Everflex kids' school shoes. The T-Bar has a buckle securing two or more straps that form one or more T shapes.


One of this footwear's three fasteners uses a buckle to secure it. The clasp secures two loose ends of the footwear by latching onto the strap's hole. Your child can adjust the fit to their preferred comfort level by locking the clasp on any holes in the strap.


We assure you that with these pairs on your daughter's feet, she can participate in class and play with friends on the playground.


Why should you give your daughter this style?


  • Provides exceptional assistance 
  • Easy to put on
  • Flattering to the feet
  • Cushioning offers the best support and comfort for the ankles.


More importantly, this shoe won't break the bank.


Style 2—Mary Janes


Are you looking for an affordable style of girls' school shoes perfect for hot days? If yes, the open-top style of Mary Janes is the ideal pair for your daughter. 


Girls in search of timeless school shoes with breathability, which allow air to enter and moisture to exit, love this style!


Depending on how comfortable her feet need to be, your daughter can use touch-fastening straps to make them tighter or looser.


The slightly cushioned sole makes it easy for the wearer to keep up with the demands of their classes. 


With these pair, your child will benefit from a pain-free learning experience, while the parents won't have to pay too much since this style won't break the bank. 


Style 3—Double Straps


Children learn skills at different paces. The double strap style is ideal for girls and boys still learning to tie laces. 


This affordable style mixes the formal look of traditional kids' school shoes with the flexible and comfy soles of trainers.


Two touch-fastening straps keep the school shoes in place, letting your kid run and play worry-free throughout the playground.


Two nylon fabric strips, one with tiny, hooked threads and the other with a rough surface, make up touch-fastening straps. Press these strips together to secure the kids' school shoes, which is easily doable with one hand.


However, opening them would require a bit of force, producing a distinctive ripping sound. 


Even though they cover the whole foot, these kids' school shoes are made of breathable materials and have a design that makes them very supportive on hot days.


Style 4—Lace Up


The lace-up kids' school shoes are Everflex's affordable style, suitable for older students capable of tying their laces. 


This style is available for girls and boys, with the option to tighten or loosen their footwear as they wish. Doing this gives them the option to adjust their comfort level.


Parents must ensure the laces on the kids' school shoes are the correct length so they won't accidentally trip over their footwear.


Style 5—Pull-On Boots—Your Not-So-Ordinary Black School Shoes


A popular style for boys, these kids' school shoes won't break the bank while keeping their feet protected.


Boots are a good choice for black school shoes because they match dress code rules and school uniforms. 


Your son can easily slip his feet inside these kids' school shoes without any fastener.  


These ankle boots have elastic side gussets that make them easy to put on and give your child's feet the most comfort as they grow. 


The two tabs on top of the kids' school shoes assist your child in putting on and removing the footwear efficiently. 


Pull-on ankle boots cover the whole foot and ankle, making it less likely that something could get stuck inside. 


Why It's Critical to Get the Best Footwear for Your Kids


 An uncomfortable pair of kids' school shoes might permanently harm your child's feet and cause them agony.


Allow us to share some:


  • Kids' school shoes that are too small can harm their feet, legs, and back over time and cause irreversible damage.
  • Inappropriate footwear may force your child's toes into an unnatural position. This can cause pain, ingrown toenails, hammertoes, calluses, and bunions.
  • Cramped toes can also alter how your child walks, affecting their posture and the development of their back, leg, hip, and foot muscles.
  • If your child wears uncomfortable kids' school shoes for nearly 30 hours a week while their feet are still growing, the footwear may prevent the proper growth of the bones. As a result, it could permanently shorten them or cause persistent pain.


Consider vegan-friendly footwear Instead of Top Brands


If you're looking for a pair of kids' school shoes well within your budget, consider vegan-friendly material as an alternative to leather. In addition, producing these kids' school shoes takes fewer steps, making costs cheaper.


In addition, the absence of animal products in producing this material makes it beneficial for the environment and people there. So unlike leather brands like Clarks, Harrison, Skechers, etc., vegan-friendly kid's school shoes don't cause pollution or leave a big carbon footprint.


Put Everflex Kids' School Shoes That Aren't Expensive in Your Cart!


Any durable footwear style you find for your child will be budget-friendly if you purchase it from Everflex! (Our range covers baby/toddler to men's and women's categories.) Check often for our latest arrivals with new styles and enjoy amazing rewards.


Everflex offers the perfect fit for your child's back-to-school shoes. Our fit experts are available in selected locations to guide you and your child through the fitting. Head over to the nearest store! Look for styles similar to favourite fusion brands. We have a range of kids' school shoes in various styles and sizes.


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