Kids School Shoe Styles For 2020!

You’ll find the best kids’ school shoes at Everflex! Have your children outgrown their current set and need a pair in a bigger size? Are you looking for designs at an affordable price? Do you want to send your children into the classroom in footwear that they won’t be able to wear out easily? Everflex has the most excellent range of kids’ school shoes in 2020, and no matter what style students need for their collection, we’ve got a design to suit their needs! We’ll help get you started on your shopping list for next semester today by going through our top styles. Plus, we’re throwing in essential information about our kids’ school shoes!


Everflex has the sizes students need!

Students come in all shapes and sizes, which is why our selection of kids’ school shoes is all-encompassing. Regardless of the age of your child, Everflex has something that’s sure to suit them! Our smallest pairs will fit the littlest children, and if your young adult outgrows our biggest kids’ school shoes, then they can move straight in our adult range. 


Adjustments are easy with Everflex styles

Not only do we have kids’ school shoes in plenty of sizes, but we also carry adjustable designs for every age. Younger children have our easy touch-fastening tabs to keep tiny feet safe, and these straps can get loosened or tightened, as necessary. The same is true of our buckled kids’ school shoes. Buckled styles (like Mary-Jane sandals) can get reconfigured until they suit students perfectly. Also, these kids’ school shoes are even more secure than ones with our touch-fastening straps. Finally, we also have a plethora of lace-up footwear. Laced styles make changing kids’ school shoes to exactly fit a child’s foot shape straightforward and simple. 


So, what sort of styles might your children need in 2020? 



  • Standard designs


Traditional designs are the ones that students will wear daily for their classes. Classic kids’ school shoes may come with different types of fastenings, but all of them come with rounded toes, glossy black material, and soles with built-in support. These styles will keep students comfortable during long lessons and let them cut loose during recess and lunch as well. Here at Everflex, we have got heaps of versions of these timeless kids’ school shoes, so have a look!



  • Sneakers and trainers


Does your child have sports games on the weekends or weekly PE lessons? If so, then they are going to need some of Everflex’s sensational sporty kids’ school shoes! Our sneakers and trainers are up for whatever your child’s week brings, whether it’s running, climbing, playing games, or whatever! The grooved grip on the base of our sneakers helps them move across wet, slippery, and uneven surfaces with ease. Plus, the light-padded soles do wonders to absorb shock. We know that sporty kids’ school shoes get subjected to stringent dress codes, which is why our top two designs come in all-white and all-black. We guarantee that these active kids’ school shoes will pass the test with strict teachers! 



  • Mary-Jane sandals 


Are you familiar with these fashionable alternatives? Girls love Mary-Jane kids’ school shoes (especially during summer and spring) because they’re extra glossy and come with stylish geometric cut-outs. We have versions of these kids’ school shoes that will fit small children or preteens and young adults. So, if traditional footwear is getting boring for your girls, then give Mary-Jane sandals a go! 


What do you think?

We’ve given you a short run-down of the kids’ school shoes at Everflex. Has a certain style caught your eye? See what else we have to offer online today!