Is Your Little One Starting School? Find Their Perfect Pair of School Shoes with Our Guide!

The start of every academic year is stressful for parents, especially if this is the first time their child is going. The long list of things to buy can be overwhelming for parents who only want everything to go perfectly. 

The goal is to ensure their learning experience goes smoothly, but what if their school shoes hurt? Ill-fitting school shoes can affect their concentration and their developing feet. One minor distraction is all your child needs to lose focus. 

The early learners' bodies are developing. Think of it as malleable, where everything they wear, including their school shoes, can make an impact. Ensuring they get the proper support during these critical stages is a top priority, so there are features you must check.

Since this is your first time, we can imagine the mix of excitement and worry, unsure if you're up to the task. Thankfully, the Everflex team is here to help you with a guide. Everflex has been a leading provider of the best school shoes. The brand knows academic footwear like the back of its hand and has gathered all you need when finding the perfect footwear. Let's start!


1. Take your child shopping.

The most important tip when shopping for school shoes is to take your child with you. Their presence is essential because they need to try the footwear, walk around, and give feedback. Drawing their feet on paper and using that to check the fit can be tempting and might yield inaccurate results. It's best to have them with you so they can put the school shoes on.


2. Shop in the afternoon.

You'd want to capture their feet at their maximum size, so it's best to shop in the afternoon. Your child's daily activities like walking, running, standing, or playing cause their feet to swell, so you need to make them wear school shoes at the end of the day to account for the growth. It's essential to get the right fit so that they will be comfortable every day.


3. Bring socks to fit the school shoes boys and girls love to show off.

Socks are a uniform requirement that your child will wear with their school shoes. Your child should wear the socks when they try the footwear to get an accurate fit. If you have not yet bought socks by then, you can always purchase socks from Everflex and wear them with school shoes.


4. Get the right fit and size.

We've been discussing fit and size because these affect your child's comfort. As mentioned, the goal is to provide them with a seamless learning experience that enables them to focus. School shoes that hurt them will hinder that and affect their performance. Here are a few things to remember when getting the right fit and size:


  • Measure the width and length of each foot separately. You can get a professional, like a podiatrist or trained in-store staff, to measure their size and recommend the best school shoes for their foot type.

  • It's best to leave a 1cm gap between the tips of the longest toe and the footwear. Your child is constantly developing, so growth spurts are imminent. It's best to leave room for growth in their school shoes, which you must check every 4–8 weeks. Once you notice the space is gone, replace the school shoes immediately.

  • Ensure that the fit is correct, with enough space for your child's toes to spread naturally, as they affect balance and stability. Choose school shoes that don't squeeze their toes, preferably those with rounded or squared shapes. Pointy school shoes can irritate and rub their toes, leading to painful blisters.


5. Choose lightweight footwear.

Your early learner is still developing their bones and muscles, so they need lightweight school shoes that don't burden them with weight they cannot carry. Forcing heavy items on them can strain the development of their body parts, and we don't want that. Check the weight of each option by lifting each of the school shoes and gauging if your child can walk comfortably in them. Make your child wear the footwear and ask them to walk around.


6. Ensure there are fastenings.

We want the school shoes to stay on your child's feet so they won't come off accidentally. Fastenings or closures play a massive role in keeping your child comfy and stable. First, they secure the footwear on your child. While Everflex uses three kinds for its collection of school shoes, not all of them are ideal for young starters. Closures require skills that enable your child to open or close their footwear independently.

Touch-fastening straps are the best for young kids, as they only require your child to press straps together. Everflex options that use this closure include Mary Jane for girls and Double Straps for boys and girls.

Adjustability is another function of fastenings, giving your child control over how tight their school shoes are. They can tighten or loosen as needed, always keeping them comfortable.


7. Check for traction.

Protect your child as they explore new surroundings. They will run, play, and check out the classroom and playground. These areas will have different surfaces, which can be soft, slippery, or wet. Check if their school shoes have enough traction to remain stable and steady while navigating. Flip the school shoes over and look for random shapes, as these create the necessary friction. You can also test this by asking your child to try them on and walk on shiny floors.


8. Look for premium materials.

Make your child's learning experience as comfortable as possible with materials that keep their feet cosy. Premium materials like leather and vegan can withstand wear and tear. Your child needs school shoes that won't break at the first sign of rain or excessive movement. Durable materials will keep their feet safe and supported. Plus, they are breathable and hold insulation when needed.


Follow Our Kids' School Shoes Tips!

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Shopping for school shoes is easy with Everflex. Follow this guide so you can find your child's needs. Head to the nearest Everflex retailer or check out our online store!