How You Can Make Your Kids School Shoes Last

Are you looking for help because your children never let their school shoes last the full year? Everflex styles are affordable and long-lasting. We know how difficult it can be to keep up with school shoes; particularly when your kids hit a growth spurt and you need to replace styles post haste. But, in our experience, the only thing more frustrating than watching your kids outgrow their pair in a matter of weeks is seeing their footwear getting ruined too soon. Let Everflex offer some advice and guidance now so that the rest of 2020 runs smoothly. 


Do your kids scuff their school shoes? 


Have the last few pairs come home with material missing at the top of the toes? School shoes from Everflex are sturdy and built to last, but repeated abuse can wear down even the hardiest styles. Luckily, we know the cause and solution to this particular problem. 


For a start, material scuffing on the toes occurs when kids periodically rub their school shoes against the carpet (or scrape them along chair legs) while they sit at their desk. If you ask your children to be mindful of these sorts of habits, you can reduce the risk of it happening again. 


The second way that kids commonly scuff their school shoes is by accident. Random scrapes and scratches turn up on every pair, but you’ll see more if your child’s pair is too big. Oversized school shoes can slip or fold over when students run or rush, and that’s a problem. After all, you don’t want your kids skinning their knees or getting hurt because they’ve got poorly sized footwear. Once again, the solutions are simple. Carefully check the fit of new school shoes, or compensate for the extra room by adding innersoles or other inserts that can fill the size gap. 


Protect the material of school shoes 


Everflex styles (the synthetic type, in particular) have excellent resistance to oil, water, and other liquids. What else could you expect from footwear that needs to survive kids of all ages and the weather of all four seasons? Still, it’s better to be safe than sorry, right? Coat school shoes with a layer of waterproofer, and you can feel confident that they’ll endure even longer. We recommend stopping in at Spendless Shoes and purchasing a fresh can of our exclusive waterproofer before school starts up again. 


Who cares about a few minor cosmetic issues on school shoes?


Your kids’ teachers, that’s who! Don’t be surprised if your little students get subjected to harsh penalties when their school shoes aren’t up to scratch. If your children have to wear a uniform, then there are guaranteed to be rules about their footwear. You can also expect steep penalties for students who don’t meet those expectations. The entire point of having a uniform is to help kids look presentable and learn how to maintain their appearance, which is a crucial skill when it’s time they enter the workforce. So, make sure that your kids’ school shoes are kept shiny! 


At Everflex, you’ll find our Instant Shine Sponge is a popular candidate for this job! Keep your children’s school shoes in great shape by cleaning them with Instant Shine every week or so. Maintaining the material in this manner will safeguard it against deterioration over time, and keep students looking clean-cut and ready for the classroom. To get your kids’ school shoes a mirror-like shine, we’d advise that you add a fresh layer of polish after using Instant Shine.


Keep school shoes looking smart with Everflex’s help! 


Make sure that your kids get to enjoy their new pair for longer this year. Our durable designs, handy care accessories, and great advice should keep your kids’ school shoes in prime condition this semester.