How You Can Get Your Child To Enjoy Their School Shoes!

Do your children seem to have issues with their school shoes? Wearing the same pair of footwear for five days a week can be tough for some kids, especially if there are problems with their set. While you can count on Everflex to provide the cosiest and best-looking school shoes (and for the most affordable prices), we’ve got more to offer you than simply our products. We love helping our customers with our handy tips and tricks. Today, we want to talk you through the ways you can ensure that your children always enjoy wearing their school shoes! 


Make sure that your kids’ school shoes fit perfectly!

If your children don’t like wearing their uniform pair, then it could be because they make their feet hurt. Poorly-fitting school shoes never lead to good experiences, and if they are making your kids sore, then it can also lead to distraction in class. No one wants that! So, how can you check that your new pair fits flawlessly? 

When your children’s school shoes arrive home from our online store, get them to try their new pair on with their official uniform socks. Make sure that the fastenings are done up (tightly, but comfortably) and ask them to stand up. Press down on the top of the school shoes and until you can feel the spot where your kids’ longest toe rests. If there is less than a thumbs width between the end of the style and the edge of the material, the style is too small. 


Adjust the fit of your pair using innersoles and other inserts

Are you a big believer in the time-tested and money-saving method of buying school shoes a size bigger than what your child needs? If you know that your child is in the middle or beginning of a growth spurt, then buying oversized styles can help you save your cash. However, if your child is left in ill-fitting school shoes, they are at risk of stumbling, tripping, and possibly hurting themselves. Luckily, the solution is simple! Here at Everflex, we have a range of inserts and innersoles that can help fill the space while students grow into their large pair. Instead of leaving your kids to blister from loose school shoes, they will get to enjoy innersoles that cushion and support their feet all day long!


Look for a different style of school shoes!

This is our top tip for girls who hate their uniform styles. If your daughter is bored with the same traditional school shoes, then get her a pair of Mary-Jane sandals instead! The glossy black finish, rounded toes, and classic shape will ensure that these pass the dress code. However, your girl will enjoy the trendy laser-cut décor and the chic buckled design. So, when your daughter complains that her school shoes aren’t stylish enough, offer her a Mary-Jane look! 


Is it your child’s first year in the classroom? 

School shoes and uniforms can be the cherry-on-top of scary new experiences for little kids. If your child is starting their education, then one way you can ease some early anxieties is by familiarizing them with their new footwear. In the lead-up to their first day, have your little one wear their school shoes out-and-about, or their new sporty sneakers while they play. The novelty of these new styles will wear off after a while. And, once it’s time to wear school shoes for real, they should be less intimidated by these new designs. 


We hope you’ve found this useful! 

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