How We Make Kids' School Shoes Shopping Stress Free

If there's one task parents and guardians try to delay as long as they can, it would be shopping for school shoes. The time and effort they must put aside, not counting the tantrums and other uncontrollable circumstances they must be ready for, make this task stressful.

It is why our team at Everflex understands the apprehension of parents and guardians at the start of a new academic year. But shopping for school shoes is a must, and you will keep doing it until they can do it independently.

So, our best solution for this issue is to help you do the shopping for Everflex school shoes stress-free.

We gathered some essential tips you should take to heart to make the task almost enjoyable for both of you. So, if you're ready to tackle the problem, let's start!


1. Make a Detailed Plan

Before the scheduled shopping day, please list all the things you need to buy for the academic year. If possible, only buy the stuff your child must be present to, like school shoes.

You must be efficient since kids can start acting unruly and have tantrums if tired. Learn which styles tick off all the features required in a good pair of school shoes. We made the task easier for you by enumerating the essential characteristics:

  • The perfect fit. Measure your child's feet in length and width. The widest part of the shoe should correspond to the widest part of the foot. Ensure a 1cm gap between the longest toe and the edge of the school shoes.
  • A firm heel counter. Your child's feet are developing continuously, and they need school shoes with a firm heel counter to increase the support.

You'll know there's inadequate support from the school shoes if you can press them effortlessly. This part should not give under moderate pressure.

  • Excellent closure or fastenings. Fastenings are essential because they provide an adjustable, snug fit to secure the school shoes on your child's feet. Three kinds are available at Everflex: touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces.
  • A wide-toe box. Toes are essential to your child's balance, so school shoes must have enough room so toes can splay naturally. Look for styles that have rounded or squared toes.

Check if your child can perform the toe wiggle test without restriction. If they can wiggle comfortably, you're all good!

  • Removable innersoles. Some children require more support via innersoles, while some don't. So it's good to have the option to keep or remove them from the school shoes.


2. Bring Your Child

Parents would prefer to leave their children behind when shopping for school shoes because of the possibility of tantrums and impatience. However, your child must be with you so that they can try the footwear on and walk around the shop. 

Please remember to bring new socks, preferably what they will wear with the school shoes, so that when they try them on, they can get a complete feel of how it will be once classes start. Get your child's new socks from Everflex!

Observe how your child walks and ask for their honest feedback. Your kid must be comfortable with the school shoes because they will wear them for almost 30 hours a week. The wrong fit can cause foot injuries and deformities that last until adulthood.

More importantly, shoe brands usually have trained staff to measure your child's feet. So when you bring your kid along, you can ensure correct measurements for their school shoes.


3. Shop in the Afternoon or Evening

When you do your detailed plan, schedule shopping for school shoes in the afternoon or evening because this is when your child's feet are at their largest size to account for the swelling.

During the day, they do activities that cause their feet to swell, and you want to include that change in size when you measure their feet. Doing this will ensure a comfortable fit for their school shoes.

Also, a friendly tip for parents is never to go shopping hungry. Your kid has very short limits, and taking them shopping for school shoes when they are hungry is a recipe for disaster. So instead, ensure they've eaten a meal before doing the task.


4. Avoid Hand-Me-Downs 

With several things to buy on their booklist, it's tempting to use second-hand school shoes to save money. However, doing that can be more costly in the long run. What do we mean?

For instance, what if the previous owner of the school shoes had athlete's foot? Your kid can get that, too, so you must treat them for it, which costs money.

More importantly, school shoes mould themselves to the shape of the owner's feet, which allows them to provide the support and comfort necessary for your child's developing feet.

However, if someone else owned the footwear first, it's likely that the shoe has moulded to their feet and cannot provide ample support for your kid. Lack of support for your child's developing feet can cause injuries and deformities that are costly to fix.

Why settle for hand-me-downs when you can buy affordable Everflex school shoes? With Everflex, you can enjoy the perks of flexible payment systems that allow you to buy now and pay for them later!


5. Consider Online Shopping

If you're finding it hard to shop for school shoes in stores, consider online shopping. Online shopping saves you a trip to the store, which costs you time, gas, and effort.

In addition, convenience is an excellent benefit because you can order anytime and have them delivered right to your doorstep.

Moreover, online stores offer more discount coupons and vouchers to encourage you to buy school shoes from them. So please take advantage of them!


Make Your Life Stress Free, Go to Everflex!

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