How to Tell if Your Child is Wearing Suitable School Shoes

Buying your child the right pair of school shoes at the menu shop can be a challenge at the best of times. Identifying whether or not the school shoes are the right footwear style for your kid is a process. 


You always want to ensure that they are comfortable and supported throughout the day full of study and play, especially for gender boys. It can be hard to know what signs to look for when checking if your child's school shoes are the right fit.


If you find yourself confused a lot of the time, we have gathered some helpful tips to look out for in your child's school shoes. Knowing what to look for in your child's school shoes is the first step to identifying if they are wearing the right kicks. 


Scroll down and take a read of our top tips for your child's school shoes. They will be super grateful for your help when it comes to finding suitable footwear before faster checkout. 


They are slipping away!


If you start to notice that your child's school shoes are slipping away from them, make sure to catch them! Just kidding, but in all seriousness, if your child's school shoes look like they are slipping off of their feet when they are walking, it is best to investigate this a little further. 


The reason why their school shoes may be slipping off of their feet could be due to the size. If the pair of school shoes are constantly falling off, this may be a sign that your child's school shoes are too big. If they are wearing too big footwear for their feet, it is best to swap them out for a small pair.


If you find that their school shoes are not slipping off their feet but are gaping at the sides, then this is another sign that the kicks are oversized. Staring at the sides indicates that these school shoes are not the right fit for your kid. 


The best way to solve this issue is by ditching the big school shoes and finding a pair from your favourite fusion brands that fit their feet perfectly. 


Bad blisters! 


Does your child come home with blisters on their feet? If you are nodding your head repeatedly, then this tip will be for you. A bad case of blisters can be a sign of uncomfortable and hard-to-wear school shoes. Blisters form when the skin and the material of your child's school shoes constantly rub together. 


The friction caused by this can promote blisters to arise, which can be super painful for your child. No parent wants to see their children in pain, so getting on top of the blister situation early, will be a blessing in disguise. 


Sore and tired feet!


Are you noticing that your child is arriving home with sore and tired feet all the time? If the answer is yes, then there may be a problem with their school shoes. Many reasons could lead to the cause of sore and tired feet, especially after a day full of study and play.


One reason might be that your child is an active kid and therefore loves to spend time on their feet all day and play with friends. 


Sore and tired feet are bound to be the result of this if that is the case. However, if they are experiencing painful and tired feet due to their school shoes being uncomfortable, it may indicate that it is time to get a hold of some new ones. 


Your child may be experiencing a growth spurt that has caused the pair of school shoes to become tighter around their feet. The material of the school shoes may also be starting to cause irritation and discomfort. No matter the issue, sore and tired feet is not what you want your child to experience.


I have worn out socks!


A common issue in kid's school shoes is sometimes not always to do with the footwear itself. We tend to see children running around the play yard wearing worn-out socks. A sturdy and secure pair of socks is necessary when trying to keep your kid's footwear looking and feeling good 99% of the time. 


If your child is wearing socks with holes in them or rips and tears, it can become problematic for your child's comfort levels when wearing the school shoes. 


Holes in their socks can irritate your child's school shoes and their feet, which is never an ideal situation. If you start to notice worn out socks coming through the wash, you will know it is time to replenish the sock collection. 


Slight wear and tear on their school shoes are standard, which can also cause the socks to become damaged. It does not matter which item you notice first, but if there are signs of wear and tear on their socks or school shoes, it is better to sort this out sooner rather than later. 


Check out their walk!


If you notice that your child's walk looks slightly different, it may have something to do with their school shoes. Uncomfortable school shoes can alter the way your child walks and leaving them with more problems than not. 


The wrong footwear can change how your child walks and is noticeable if they start to walk lob-sided or with a limp. If you notice this walk, it is a good indication that your child's primary school shoes need to get replaced. An altered walk can not only affect your child's way of walking, but it can affect their growth as well. 


If they are walking uncomfortably, this can cause problems with how their feet grow and leave them with a permanent uncomfortable walk. 


It might be time to invest in some kids school shoes' accessories!


Whether you notice some of these issues in your child's pair of school shoes or notice them all, it may be time to get your hands on some accessories. Accessories for these kicks can come in the form of innersoles, backup laces, backup socks and instant shine or polish. 


A pair of innersoles for your child's footwear can add an extra layer of comfort so you can get the most wear out of them without having to buy new styles of kicks too soon into the year. If your kids school shoes are of leather material, they will require a polish every so often.   


Simply scrub some instant shine over the school shoes, and they will look as good as new. Stocking up on some backup socks and laces will also be super helpful. 


If your active kid loves to spend the day running around more than sitting down, you can expect to see them come home with a whole range of scuff marks and wear and tear. Laces and socks will be the first purchase to get damaged, so having some on-hand for an emergency is beneficial. 


All caught up on the tips and tricks?


If you start to notice any of these issues arise in your child's pair of school shoes, you will know just what to do to fix it. These helpful tips and tricks can ensure your kid's footwear does not cause any further issues for them down the track and resolve them as soon as possible. 


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