How To Tell If My Kids School Shoes Fit Correctly

There is a fine line between finding kids mary janes that fit just right and getting a size that’s too big. Since your children spend the majority of their days in their brown school shoes that are suited for the classroom, you want to make sure that they are as comfortable as they can be.

So, how can you tell the difference between kids sport shoes that are too big compared to a pair that fits perfectly? Well, read on, and we will show you some expert tips on finding skate shoes and hi shine shoes that will fit your child correctly.

Don’t Make The Same Mistake


When shopping for indoor soccer shoes, many parents fall into the same trap of buying senior girls shoes one size up. It may seem like the smart thing to do- save some cash and another shopping trip to Everflex; however, that’s far from the case! 

That’s right, although you may be thinking this is a simplified way to shop for kids block heels, unfortunately, you are probably doing more damage than good. So, steer clear of purchasing kids basketball shoes that are too big and ensure you buy the correct size.

Children's feet are constantly growing and changing, so in this instance, if you are shopping around for new premium leather shoes and their toes are just about hitting the front of their lace-ups. Then yes, please go up a size! 

This is the kind of scenario where it's time to move your child to the next size up. However, if there is plenty of room from the front of their lace-ups and your child’s toes, then you are good to go!


Rule Of Thumb


When it comes to finding the right size for black hi shine shoes, we recommend you follow this simple rule of thumb, and you can guarantee that you will always get the right size for your little ones.

If you allow a thumbs width of space from your child’s big toe and the front of their lace-ups, it will provide just enough room for your little one to grow into their junior girls kid's shoes. Avoid choosing a pair of trail running shoes that has more space than a thumbs width. 


If you do, it will only cause your little one to trip over their kid's tennis shoes and hurt themselves. When shopping for new kids casual shoes, you want your child to be completely comfortable in their lace-ups, right? 


Just like what you would look for in a work style for the office, you want them to be completely comfortable and feel almost like a second skin, like you aren’t wearing anything at all! Similarly, with your kid's lace ups sneakers, you want them to feel comfortable and free of any rubbing or tightness. 


Keep in mind that well-fitted athletic shoe should allow your child to feel like they aren’t wearing anything on their feet at all! When your child is trying on new comfortable, durable shoes, watch how their feet move in the lace-ups, you want to ensure there is little movement. 


If their leather school shoes' heels are moving from side to side or lifting out of the heels of the lace-ups black leather, then that is a clear indication that the size is far too large. 


You want to ensure there is a slight movement as possible in your kid's leather school shoes!

Using these simple tips the next time you are shopping for kids’ will make your and your child’s visit to the training shoes store a lot quicker and more pleasant.


Key Features To Look Out For In Kids black school Shoes


Apart from finding the perfect fit, there are also a few features that we recommend keeping an eye out for. By using the tips above for finding the ideal fit for kids sneakers, we also recommend you use the following tips. Not only will this ensure correct fitted kids sport shoes, but also a piece of mind knowing that you have sent your child off in supportive, well-fitted trail run lace-ups!


Below Are Some Key Features To Keep An Eye Out For:



  • Flexibility



You want to look out for flexibility in womens casual shoes. Suppose you pick up the lace-ups mens shoes and try to bend them by pushing the toe upwards. You will find that good trail shoes will bend at the ball of the foot but no further, whereas black school shoes with less flexibility will not. If the lace-ups do this, this will help your child push off with their toes while keeping the back half of their foot stable and secure.



  • But, Not Too Flexible!


Although flexibility is good, you want to make sure that the popular brands of lace-ups are not too flexible! womens running shoes that can be easily twisted and bent all over, as opposed to only the ball of the foot, will not provide enough support; the same goes for your child’s feet.


  • The Fastening Check



Ensure your kid's infinity junior shoes have suitable fastening, which will provide support and stability throughout the day. Opt for trade enquiries shoes that can be secured with either laces, touch-fastening, or buckles. 

Always choose a touch-fastening mens sport or buckle up option for your little ones who may still be struggling with laces on their own. Avoid shoes online that only slip onto their feet, slip-on styles provide very little support, and we don’t recommend wearing them during long days in the classroom.


  • A Small Heel



Good womens shoes will have a slight heel incline. Although this may sound counterintuitive, a small low heel will keep your child’s foot in a neutral position throughout the day. At the same time, entirely flat womens casual shoes can cause your child’s toes to “claw” when walking.


  • Lightweight Footwear



Find a pair of lace-ups that are lightweight; when shopping for new footwear for the classroom, you want to ensure you choose a pair that isn’t too heavy on little feet. Heavy footwear will only cause your little one to have muscle pain and foot aches.


You Are An Expert Now!


That’s right! Now that we’ve given you some of our top tips and tricks when it comes to shopping for kids sport shoes, we can only expect that you are now an expert. We cannot stress enough how important it is to ensure your children’s footwear for the classroom fits correctly. 


To avoid any foot-related issues in the future, find the right fit now and avoid common mistakes that parents tend to make when shopping for kids shoes.


We’re here to make your life easier; take advantage of our tips and tricks and find your child’s next pair of lace-ups at Everflex!