How To Teach Your Child To Tie Their Laces!

Is it time to teach your children how to tie up their laces? One of the very first pairs that children will learn to lace-up are kids’ school shoes. If you’re ready to move your first child on from touch-fastening designs, then let Everflex guide your way in 2021! We’ve been helping parents find the perfect kids’ school shoes for decades, and we know a thing or two about learning to tie laces! Do you want to hear some of our best tips and tricks? Keep reading, and we’ll help you get your children into laced kids’ school shoes quicker! 

When do you know that it’s time to make the switch?

Countless things can prompt you to swap your child from touch-fastening to lace-up kids’ school shoes. For starters, if you have a child who is growing fast, then there might not be many touch-fastening pairs left in their size. Everflex has an impressive collection of kids’ school shoes with tabs. However, most sizes for older children are buckle-up or lace-up instead. 

Perhaps you have noticed that many other students in your child’s class are moving on to laced styles, and think the time is right to move them over to a more grown-up design. Otherwise, if your child is already wearing laced styles comfortably on the weekends, then there’s no reason why you can’t swap them to laced kids’ school shoes. But remember— there’s no rush! 

Show your child the steps slowly and clearly!

First, get kids’ school shoes or another lace-up pair that your child can use for practice. Whatever you do, avoid trying to tie their laces upside-down, because you’re much more likely to confuse them (and yourself)! You can either sit beside your child and lace-up their kids’ school shoes in front of them, or show them the steps on your pair, but ensure that you’re both positioned the same way. 

Slowly go through the steps and tell your child what you’re doing as you go along. After the second or third time demonstrating, get your child to follow along and lace-up their kids’ school shoes.

When your children start learning to lace kids’ school shoes, practise consistently! 

Like any skill, practice is crucial when your children are learning how to tie up laces. If you want them handling their kids’ school shoes with ease sooner rather than later, then you’ll need to be strict about setting aside time to learn. We recommend teaching your child in the afternoon when they’re starting because adding lessons to your morning routine will probably be too stressful for everyone (including you). 

Once every day, designate a time to practise lacing kids’ school shoes with your child, and then get them to repeat, repeat, and repeat! 

Is your child struggling to pick up the steps?

Does your child keep skipping a step when they lace their kids’ school shoes? Look up some catchy songs or rhymes about tying laces, and they might find it easier to remember the method. Go through the steps with your child each time you practise together. Carefully check that they’re replicating your order correctly; you don’t want them practising the wrong way!

Get your child a casual style so they can practise laces on more than their kids’ school shoes. Beyond that, don’t worry! Tying kids’ school shoes won’t be tricky for them forever. The best thing that you can do is be patient!

Are you ready to start your child’s journey with lace-up kids’ school shoes?

We’ve got more helpful articles online, so have a look at those too! After a bit more reading, you’ll be ready to shop at Everflex for kids’ school shoes today!