How To Teach My Child How To Tie Their Shoes

Are your children ready to learn how to tie up kids’ school shoes? We’ll help you make the transition from touch-fastening styles to laced ones faster and easier! Everflex has terrific tips for learning to tie kids’ school shoes, so have a read! 


Where should you begin?


You should sit down beside your child and show them the steps for tying kids’ school shoes slowly. Have them follow along as you do it, so you can check that they’re tying the laces the right way. If you want to show your child how to do-up kids’ school shoes on their pair while they’re wearing them, make sure you angle yourself around the right way, as though you were tying your pair up. If you lace their style from the front, you’ll risk confusing your child, because they’ll be watching you do the steps upside-down.

Do you know any fun rhymes or songs that will help your child remember the motions? If not, there’s no shortage of videos online that will have handy guides and catchy tunes to help your little one master kids’ school shoes. 


Set a time for your children to practise and stick to it! 


Repetition is crucial when you want to learn any skill, and so is persistence. Get your child to practise on kids’ school shoes every day. Sit down with them and make sure you don’t rush through the process. Slowly move through the steps, and tie your kids’ school shoes slowly. 

Get your child to repeat the steps by themselves. Don’t correct them too early if they fumble on the stages or get stuck midway through; let them remember for themselves. Be strict and methodical about practising with kids’ school shoes, and your child will have the hang of it in no time!


Don’t rush through the steps in the morning!


While it may seem tempting and it’s a decent time to practise, avoid teaching your child to tie kids’ school shoes in the morning. If you’re running late in the morning or have other children who need help getting ready, you’re more likely to rush through the steps.

Your child won’t learn to lace kids’ school shoes as quickly if they’re getting hurried through the process, and you’re more likely to make them (and yourself) stressed. Instead, either ensure that you have enough time in the morning to go through tying kids’ school shoes meaningfully. Or, leave morning practise until they’re more confident.


Transition your child from touch-fastening straps to laced pairs slowly!


While your little ones are still young, there’s no rush to move them onto laced kids’ school shoes, unless they’re growing fast and you can’t find touch-fastening footwear in their size anymore. Start with casual styles that lace-up which your children can use as practise, before moving onto kids’ school shoes.

With casual footwear, you’ll be there to correct them or tie up laces if they come loose. It’s better to build your way up to laced kids’ school shoes once they’re better at tying knots because otherwise, they’ll have to rely on teachers or other students to help them, which some children find embarrassing.


We make the switch easy at Everflex!


Browse through our collection of kids’ school shoes, and you’ll see that we have touch-fastening and lace-up styles in tiny sizes. So, no matter how small or large your child is when they start learning to do-up laced designs, we’ll have a pair to keep them cosy in the meantime.

Our excellent touch-fastening kids’ school shoes, Mary-Jane sandals, and sneakers will be a comfy pick until they’re ready to move onto more grown-up pairs.


Do you want to know more?

Consult more of our handy articles to learn more about kids’ school shoes and how to tie laces. Good luck!