How To Select A Boys School Shoe That Will Survive The Playground

Do you need durable boys’ school shoes?

You’ve come to the right place! Here are some quick tips and recommendations from Everflex that should put a stop to ruined styles. Now, let’s get to it! 

At Everflex, we have our classroom classics

These black and glossy boys’ school shoes are some of the best that Everflex has available for your kids. However, since boys’ school shoes of this sort are an essential piece of any uniform, these are also the most likely to need replacing throughout the year. If you want your kids to have fun during their breaks but don’t want to see new boys’ school shoes getting ruined continuously, then Everflex has two top tips:

1) The soles are a key feature, so check that they’re up to scratch

Boys’ school shoes come in all shapes and sizes, and so do their treads. Keep your eye out for styles with grooved soles if you want to keep your child secure and safe while they run, jump, climb, and have fun. Our best boys’ school shoes have grooves on the base so that your kids can move fast over different surfaces without slipping or tripping. When you shop online at Everflex, you’ll be able to spot boys’ school shoes with extra grip by looking at the style images, so they’re easy to find. 

2) Consider the sort of material should you choose 

At Everflex, we have boys’ school shoes made from leather, synthetic material, and a mixture of both. If you’re selecting a classroom style for your child and want to make sure it survives recess and lunch as well, then being selective about the material is advised. Boys’ school shoes made of leather are flexible and have excellent air circulation, but they are also less resistant to water. If you anticipate seeing your kids stomping through puddles and across muddy lawns this winter, then try a synthetic style instead! Synthetic boys’ school shoes look virtually identical to leather ones, but they are far less likely to be damaged by rain. Plus, these boys’ school shoes are also simpler to rinse off after getting messy. 

Next, you might try proper sports styles instead

Everflex also has a fantastic assortment of active boys’ school shoes. If your child has PE classes or extracurricular sports to play, then these will already be on your yearly shopping list. As such, sneakers are a guaranteed winner for wear on the playground. These have cool designs, steady grip, and make a killer pair out on sports courts and grassy ovals. On days when they have sports and activities, encourage your child to swap into these boys’ school shoes before they go outside to play!  

Depending on the sort of dress code that your boys’ school shoes need to follow, your child might be able to wear sporty styles all day long! While it’s less frequent for older students, younger kids can sometimes be allowed to wear boys’ school shoes of all sorts, so long as they are all-black or even all-white. And, luckily for you, our trainers and sneakers come in both of those shades! So, if your child needs some high-energy boys’ school shoes, then why wouldn’t you grab our trainers? Let your little one go wild in these styles!

Now, which approach will you be taking? 

Be sure with any pair of boys’ school shoes when you shop at Everflex. Whether you pick our sneakers and sports styles or something built for the classroom, your kids will enjoy reliable comfort and durability. Our collection of marvellous styles can survive rough treatment during lunch and recess, so stop the stress and shop with us this season!