How To Remove The School Prep Stress!

Are you looking ahead and want to buy school shoes already?

The best way to reduce your pre-semester shopping stress is to get prepared. In the week before classes start again, the last thing you want to be doing is buying school shoes from a store full of equally-stressed parents and reduced stock. Instead, you can follow a few of our handy tips to stay out of the crowds and keep your head above water. Shopping for your child’s new pair shouldn’t cause stress, so we’ll make sure that your next shop goes smoothly. 

Figure out what school shoes you need to buy 

Do you need to update for the classroom, sports, or both? Make sure that you carefully assess the fit of all your child’s footwear and decide which ones need replacing. That way, you won’t have any nasty surprises and find out that you need more school shoes. When once the holidays are over the sales are too, and you’ll officially be out of time. 

Get your kids fitted and wait for school shoes to go on sale

In the weeks before term goes back, Everflex always offers discounts and special deals. As such, you’re pretty much guaranteed to save if you wait and shop online during the peak period. However, if you want to get the school shoes you want in the size that your child needs, then you should order early. Spendless offers professional fitting services for your little student. If you have time this season, stop into a store and ask after their Everflex school shoes. We know the team would be happy to talk you through your options. You can have your children try on our school shoes and have a team member expertly assess the fit and comfort. 

Once you have the style name and know which size fits your child, you can wait and buy the pair online when we start our sales! That way, there’s no need for you to fight your way to school shoes through frantic crowds in a shopping centre. 

Buy a bigger version of your current school shoes 

If you’re a regular shopper with Everflex or gave us a try this year, then you won’t have any issues when you update your child’s existing pair. Do you remember the name of the school shoes so you can search for it on our website? Don’t worry if you can’t, because you can always compare the pair against our style pictures online. At Everflex, our range of school shoes runs from Pre-Walker to adult sizes, so students with huge, little, or average feet will find shopping easy. The only real difference between our most popular classroom styles is that the younger versions have touch-fastening straps instead of laces. 

Exchange your school shoes easily 

Shopping online is convenient for parents with busy schedules. But, choosing school shoes in the right size can be a problem. On the Everflex website, our handy size chart should lead you to the ideal size in no time. However, there it is possible that your child’s foot may be too narrow or wide for their school shoes, or that another issue presents itself when your order arrives home. As such, exchanging your style for a different size is straightforward and easy. You can send the school shoes back to our online store and organise an exchange. Otherwise, you can exchange them at Spendless Shoes, our exclusive in-store stockists. Since our designs have a vast array of sizes, you also shouldn’t have any issue getting the same style in a smaller or larger version. 

Follow our tips this season!

Let Everflex reduce your stress and provide the best school shoes!