How To Prolong The Life Of Your Kids’ School Shoes

Unfortunately, it’s a way of life; you are constantly buying new things for your kids. Whether it's new uniforms, clothing, sports gear or toys, kids are continually losing, misplacing or breaking their belongings, which means, you constantly need to purchase new items!


And this, unfortunately, isn’t limited to their school shoes; it’s probably on the top of your ‘most replaced items’ list. However, that’s why we are here to help make your lives easier!

Read on, and we will show you some of our top tips to prolong the life of your kids shoes.


How To Get The Most Mileage Out Of Your Kids Classroom Kicks!


Buying new lace up school shoe can be an expensive task. That’s why you want to make sure you and your child are doing all that you can to prolong their lifespan.


However, we all know how rough and careless young children can be, so we know better than anyone just how long kids lace up shoes do last!


But, if you take the time to teach your young child some good school shoe habits, you will be setting them up to become independent in taking good care of their possessions.


So without further delay, let's get started!



  • Taking Your Kids’ Lace-Ups On And Off



Although it can become tedious, it’s essential to teach your child the correct way of taking their black hi shine school shoes on and off. Not only will it ensure that your child has them on correctly, but it prolongs the lifespan of them too.


Below is our step-by-step guide:


For starters, when putting your black school shoes on, use your finger in the back of the heel and don’t take your finger out until your foot is entirely inside. Doing this will prevent the back heel from being squashed down and ruining the support.



  • Tying And Untying Laces



If your child has a pair of kids lace ups, be sure to completely loosen the laces to quickly get their feet into their premium leather shoes, and when tightening the laces, ensure you start closest to your toes and make your way up to their ankle to provide a firm fit.

When removing their black school shoes, it's essential to teach your child to undo the knot completely and then loosen the laces before removing them. Doing this will prevent the top from stretching out and losing its fit.


The key here is, your kids’ lace-ups should be firm enough that they shouldn’t come off without undoing them. If they do come off without undoing the boys school laces, they are too loose.


As much as your kids may be tempted to, don’t let them take off their brown school shoes by kicking and lifting at the back of their heels. This will only stretch out their kids black shoes in all the wrong places.


We know how easy it is to want to kick off your kids mary jane school shoes  as soon as you get home, but try your best to encourage your kids to take them off properly.

Once they get into these habits daily, it becomes clockwork and less of a chore!



  • Correct Storage



To ensure your kids brown shoes are always in fine form at the beginning of each week, be sure to store them correctly to prolong their life.


If you are a real stickler for leather mary jane school shoes not keeping their shape, then one thing you can do to avoid this common nuisance is by inserting a shoe-shaper into their school shoes to keep the shape.


Although, we don’t expect you to go to these lengths to look after your kids mary jane! Instead, we recommend storing them in ideal locations for shoe care. If you can't afford to keep the original box it came in due to taking up too much room on shelves, storing them on shelves is the next best thing.


Keep your kids’ school shoes away from sunny and warm areas in the house too. This will only fade the senior girls leather or synthetic and damage them.



  • Keeping Classroom Styles Clean



It's essential to take care of your kids' sport shoes as soon as they take them off and give them a quick clean. It is a critical tip to put into practice and by doing this regularly, you are eliminating the dirt and grime that builds upon their school shoes, which causes them to deteriorate quicker.


To clean, simply wipe over them with a soft damp cloth. Give your kids mary jane school shoes a clean as soon as you see a mud or dirt build-up. It makes it a whole lot easier to keep them clean!



  • Have Your Kids Come Home With Soaking Wet Feet?



We all know how careless and clumsy young children can be, and when they come with soaked party shoes because they’ve been jumping and skipping through puddles, it's essential to dry them out correctly and completely.


Avoid any moisture sticking around and stuff their party shoes with newspaper. This helps to draw any moisture out of the leather.


Avoid putting the kids shoes in front of a heater or in the dryer to dry. This will only cause them to lose their shape and crack the leather. Once they’ve dried out, you can then finish off with a polish!



  • Polishing Your Kids School Shoes



Most children’s popular brands shoes are made of leather materials and with skin-like material. It’s essential to keep your black hi shine shoes hydrated. Just like you would moisturise your skin daily, it's important to do the same to your kid’s leather uppers shoes once a week, at least.


The next time you pick up a pair of kicks for the classroom from Everflex, be sure to pick up some instant shine to quickly buff up school shoes without the mess of a brush and polish!


Our instant shine sponge is quick and effortless, so you can guarantee that you and your child will have no trouble keeping these classroom styles neat and shiny all year round!


Instead of wasting time and money on shopping for new kids sport shoes every six months, follow our quick and simple guide to prolong the life of your shoes.


Follow our tips and tricks and your child will have the shiniest school shoes in the classroom all year round!