How To Prepare Your Little One For The School Year Ahead!

Prepare your little one for the year ahead with new kids' school shoes!


Check the fit of your child's pair! 


When was the last time that you stopped and checked the fit of your kids' school shoes? If it's been a while since you last bought them a new pair and you're about to finish up a few weeks of holidays, then your children might be due for a new set! 


So, you should always test the fit of your kids' school shoes a week or so before their first day back, to be sure that if they need a replacement, you'll have time to get them delivered! Do you know the method for testing the fit? It's so simple and straightforward that you'll be able to check your kids' school shoes at home in only a few minutes! 


Here are the steps:


  • Get your child to dress in their regular uniform socks or tights/stockings and put on their current kids' school shoes. After all, if they use a different pair of socks to the ones they wear in class, the thickness might be different, and the test might not be accurate.

  • Ask your child to lace-up, buckle, or fasten their kids' school shoes until they're comfortable and secure.

  • Get your child to stand up and then stand still for you.

  • Press down on the top of your kids' school shoes and feel for their longest/largest toe. If you're having trouble finding it, get your child to wiggle their toes to help you.

  • Once you've found their largest toe, see how much space they have left between their feet and the end of their kids' school shoes. 

  • If there's less than a centimetre of room left, then it's time for a new pair! If your kids' school shoes look small but still have room, then ask your child if they feel tight, and work from there! 



Remember to check their sneakers or trainers too!


Getting classic kids' school shoes in the right size is imperative because they spend hours and hours each day walking, standing, sitting and playing in them. Of course, replacing outgrown sneakers and trainers is as crucial to their comfort and safety.

After all, PE classes, sports games, and physical activities put more pressure and strain on children anyway. Then there's the stress when they're wearing kids' school shoes that don't fit them properly! Students won't be able to perform to the best of their abilities without activewear that supports them adequately.


So, if you're getting ready to replace your kids' school shoes, then stop and see how their sneakers are faring too. You can use the same fit test on your child's trainers as we covered earlier, which means there's no excuse!


Does your child tend to dislike kids' school shoes? Let them pick their pair this time! 


Are you trying to shop for styles with a fussy child? We know that it can be challenging to buy kids' school shoes for children who aren't happy about wearing the same plain black pair for forty weeks of the year. Of course, with strict dress codes and teachers there to enforce uniform regulations, there can be limits to what type of kids' school shoes you can select.


Well, we say that you should let the children pick! Shop online with Everflex, and you'll find this easy! Sit down with your child and let them scroll through the options until they find something that they like. That way, you know that you're buying kids' school shoes that they'll wear happily. 


Now, go and get your children a new pair! Get ready for 2021 with Everflex's kids' school shoes!