How to Polish Your School Shoes

Do your kids’ school shoes need some love and care this season? Everflex is here to help you out and keep every student’s footwear looking polished and professional. After all, there’s nothing worse than having to throw out kids’ school shoes that still fit because of some minor cosmetic issues. 


We’ll do our best to ensure that you can get the maximum wear out of your current (or next) pair from us, but to do that, we’ll need your help. So, listen up! We’re going to pass on all of the information you need to make your kids’ school shoes keep shining, and offer some of our best tips and tricks. Ready? We’ll begin right now! 


Why should you worry about cleaning kids’ school shoes? 


For starters, no one likes the look of scruffy and scuffed-up footwear, especially not strict teachers. Messy kids’ school shoes can earn students a lecture at best and detention (or note home) at worst, and none of those outcomes is particularly appealing.


Any of these scenarios would be embarrassing for students, and it’s even worse since five quick minutes of footwear maintenance would have prevented them. Not to mention, one punishment for an improper uniform can spawn lasting trouble between harsh teachers and annoyed students, and that is an increasingly steep consequence for having dirty kids’ school shoes. 


You don’t want to compromise the material either!


If you want your kids’ school shoes to see them through a long and hectic semester, then you need to take care of them. We think it’s essential that you understand the reasons behind this, and the sorts of issues you can expect to be dealing with because of the material type.


At Everflex, our kids’ school shoes can be leather, synthetic, or a mix of the two. Leather styles are softer and more malleable than synthetic ones, so they are more likely to expire due to water damage or splits in the material. And, despite how strong and resilient synthetic kids’ school shoes are, they’re also susceptible to damage if they are left in a poor state. Luckily, as long as you put in the work to prevent wear, your children’s footwear can avoid a depressing fate.


Cleaning is easy with Everflex’s care accessories


Our Instant Shine Sponge will keep your kids’ school shoes in tip-top shape this season! This product is so fast and easy to use that your little students could use it by themselves. The Instant Shine Sponge works dry, so there’s no need to worry about messing up your kids’ school shoes any more. Remove the top cover, and the sponge is ready to go! Give your kids’ school shoes a decent scrub and don’t hold back!


Instant Shine works on materials of all kinds, so whether they’re synthetic or leather, you don’t have to stress. After a few swipes, you should see significant improvement as the sponge clears away dirt, grime, and other messes. In no time at all, your kids’ school shoes will be fresh and ready for the classroom!


Once the Instant Shine Sponge has done its work, the material should be back to looking shiny and presentable. However, if there are any patches or other marks on your kids’ school shoes that need covering, then you can add a coat of polish. Polish will help safeguard and seal the material for future use. Plus, polish will adhere to newly-cleaned kids’ school shoes far better than to dirty ones.  


Now, go and save your kids’ school shoes!


With all this handy information bouncing around in your brain, you’ll be well-equipped for the semester ahead. Treat your kids’ school shoes right, and your children will get to enjoy their Everflex pair until they’ve finally outgrown them.