How to Pick the Right Style of School Shoes for Year-Round Wear

Finding kids' school shoes that have it all - withstand wear and tear, keep the child comfortable, and have a style everyone approves of—is challenging. 

But parents want their children to have the best of everything, so they are constantly searching for the ideal pair that provides year-round functionality without compromising the budget.

There is no need to look further, as Spendless New Zealand is where you can find all your child's academic footwear needs. 

With Spendless NZ kids' school shoes, your child will have the best academic year, ensuring they step into their classes confidently and comfortably.

To help frazzled parents find the right kids' school shoes for year-round wear, our team at Spendless NZ gathered all the necessary features to consider. 

This comprehensive guide will detail what you need to check out to find footwear that can keep your child cosy, supported, and stable against the changing seasons. If you're keen, let's start!


1. Material

The materials used in kids' school shoes determine their durability and longevity. Most of the styles at Spendless NZ use leather or are vegan-friendly. 

These materials exhibit characteristics that ensure the kids' school shoes stay intact, even when faced with rough weather or harsh natural elements.

Choosing leather will guarantee your child's comfort year-round, as it has breathable and insulating characteristics. 

Meanwhile, vegan-friendly materials are famous for their durability, especially in extreme weather. Either way, both will ensure long-lasting use unless your child undergoes a growth spurt, which will require getting new kids' school shoes.


2. Closed-Toe Design

Most academic institutions require closed-toe kids' school shoes for better protection. Your child will spend their breaks and free time playing with other children, which entails running outdoors. 

Keeping their toes hidden will protect them from foreign and sharp objects like pebbles, stones, and sticks, which can hurt them.

In the same way, your child's toes must have enough room to spread naturally because it can affect their balance and stability. 

When choosing school shoes boys and girls will appreciate for their comfort and safety, look for shoes with round or squared-toe shapes, as these won't squeeze their feet like pointy shapes might. Additionally, ensure that the shoes are secured and will keep their feet protected.


3. Proper and Comfortable Fit

Your child's performance in the classroom will depend on their comfort. As such, parents must ensure that the kids' school shoes have a proper and comfortable fit.

It starts with leaving enough room for growth, which is essential considering your child undergoes growth spurts often. 

Leave a 1cm gap between the tip of the longest toe and the kids' school shoes. Check this space every four weeks for signs of growth. Once it's gone, replace the footwear immediately.

Getting your child's accurate measurements plays a massive role in ensuring a comfortable fit. 

Have professionals measure their shoe size—the length and width of each foot separately—and recommend the kids' school shoes that best support your child's foot type.

You must bring your child along for the fitting. They must be with you to try on the kids' school shoes and provide feedback immediately.

More importantly, schedule your shopping date in the afternoon, when your child's feet are at their maximum size. By then, their feet have swollen after all their movements—walking, standing, and running—and you can account for this growth.


4. Adjustable Fastening

Children's needs change so many times within the day. With adjustable fastening, they can control the fit of their kids' school shoes, tightening or loosening them as necessary. 

While several kinds of fastenings are available, Spendless NZ only uses three for its collection of kids' school shoes. These are touch-fastening straps, buckles, and laces.

The younger set usually prefers the straps because this fastening is the easiest. With two nylon strips that lock together by pressing, your child can secure their school shoes within seconds. 

Meanwhile, the slightly older bunch has the skills to close buckles, clasping the pin through the hole in the opposite strap. Doing this repeatedly for their kids' school shoes benefits their fine motor and problem-solving skills.

Laces require more advanced skills to make but offer the most adjustability. Children who wear laced kids' school shoes do it proudly because they know it's an independent skill that takes time and patience to learn.


5. Traction and Grip

Changing weather and seasons cannot stop your child from playing with their friends. You'll find them happiest when they run and chase each other on the playground. 

But this is also when they can be most hurt, as slip accidents can happen during wet and cold seasons.

As such, parents need to check the kids' school shoes and ensure that the soles provide traction and grip. 

Flipping the footwear over, you should see grooves instead of flat soles. These treads create friction against the slippery floor to keep your child steady and standing.

Another way to check is to have your child try on the kids' school shoes and walk all over the store. There will likely be a slippery floor where they can test the kids' school shoes. 


6. Slightly Flexible

Everflex school shoes offer many benefits, including their flexibility. When examining the shoes, it is important to check their flexibility by picking them up and bending them. Please remember this when considering which shoe to purchase.

When choosing school shoes for kids, it's important to ensure that they mimic the child's natural gait when walking. This means that only a specific portion of their feet should fold when they move. Rest assured that our shoes are designed to be both durable and supportive for your child's tender feet.


7. Choose Spendless NZ

Finding the perfect kids' school shoes for all-year wear is easy with Spendless NZ. The brand's collection checks all the essential factors to ensure your child's smooth-sailing academic experience. 

We invite you to compare our brand with well-known brands like Harrison, Clarks, Asics, Nike, Skechers, Roc, etc. We're sure we provide the best quality shoes, but the girls and boys school shoes at Spendless NZ will help you stay within your budget. This leaves you money to spend on other needs, like socks and laces

And with the brand's flexible payment systems, you can purchase now and pay in instalments later. What more can you ask for?


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